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Best cold water swimming gloves

Want to keep open-water swimming during the winter, but struggling to find gloves? Here are some of the best affordable cold water swimming gloves still available

best cold water swim gloves

What’s the best thickness for cold water swimming gloves?

In terms of warmth, the thicker the better is generally the rule. However, this can be at the expense of mobility and fit. A general standard for decently thick gloves for cold water swimming seems to hover around the 3mm thickness of neoprene, but we’d go .5 either side. Much thicker than 4mm and you’ll lose dexterity in the water, which is crucial if you actually intend to swim rather than paddle in the gloves. What can help is a strap at the top of the glove to help seal the glove and prevent too much cold water entering them, though this feature may add a few ££s to the price.


Under £10

At £9.98 these 3mm neoprene wetsuit gloves from LOMO are the cheapest (just!) we found

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At just a penny more £9.99, these TWF 3mm neoprene gloves are also great value, however it looks like they are only available in extra small or extra large sizes

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Decathlon also have 2mm neoprene gloves priced £9.99 but you do lose a milimetre in thickness!

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Amazon have 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit gloves from Slyzone, priced £13.99. 220’s Kate has tested these with some river wild swimming and was suitably impressed. The 3mm thickness kept her fingers toasty and the grippy soles helped her scramble across slippy rocks getting into the water. A win in terms of price and usability, whether they stand the test of time is yet to be seen.

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For £15, you can get these Mares Flexa Classic 3mm diving gloves

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£16 plus

Got more to spend?  You can get these 3mm diving gloves from Cressi for £29.99


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