Super League launches new team ownership packages for fans

Love Super League? Now's your chance to help shape the success of a team with a new ownership package

Jonny Brownlee racing during a Super League race in 2022

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has today launched a “groundbreaking’ new concept for fans that allows them to own a stake in Team Cheetahs.


Doing so will cost fans anywhere from £11.20 to £15,915 per season, depending on what package they choose.

Owning a stake will give you the chance to help make major decisions that will impact the racing throughout the series. This includes voting on which athletes will get drafted into the team, where they’ll start on the pontoon and who gets the Short Chute.

Super League Triathlon ownership packages

If you take out a bronze package for £11.20 per season you’ll secure 5% off merchandise, 10% off tickets, entry into a raffle for a platinum package for 2023, your name on the team tri-suit and the chance to vote on team decisions.

The silver package (£52/season) gives you similar perks, but you’ll get double the discount for merchandise and tickets. You’ll also get a Team Cheetahs tee.

Gold (£119/season) takes things one step further, with 15% off merchandise, two tickets to a race day, a virtual meet and greet with the team and managers, plus entry into the series’ age-group champs.

A platinum ownership package can be yours for £4,165 per season and there are only six of these available at the time of writing. It gives you the chance to vote on team decisions, get 20% off merchandise, two VIP tickets to one event, plus flights and accommodation at the SLT hotel for one event.

On top of that, you’d also get your name on the team tri-suit, a Team Cheetahs tee, a virtual meet and greet with the team and managers, entry ingo the age-group champs, plus training with the athletes at one of the events.

Credit: Darren Wheeler/Super League Triathlon

And if you’re a real big spender, you can get a diamond package for a hefty £15,915 per season, with only four of these currently available. This package will give you:

  • The chance to vote on team decisions
  • 20% off merchandise
  • Two VIP tickets to all events
  • Flights and accommodation at the SLT hotel
  • Your name on the team tri-suit
  • A team Cheetahs tee
  • A virtual meet and greet with the team and managers
  • Entry into the age-group champs
  • Training with the athletes at two events
  • Dinner with the team and manager at two events
  • Race in multiple locations as an age-grouper, including the celebrity relay
  • A personalised team Cheetahs tri-suit with your name on the back

However, it’s worth noting that fans that purchase ‘ownership packages’ will not actually have a financial stake in the team itself, which means you won’t be getting a share of the prize money if the Cheetahs run out winners.

Locations and dates announced for 2022 series

The news comes on the same day that SLT has also announced dates and locations for the 2022 championship series. Racing is set to take place in September and October, and will visit London, Munich, Malibu, Toulouse and one other location for the Grand Finale.

Last year’s series saw Brits Alex Yee and Georgia Taylor-Brown crowned champions, while Tim Don’s SLT Eagles took home the team trophy, bagging a prize fund of $120,000 to split between them.

Team Cheetahs, which is managed by Annie Emmerson, came fourth (out of five) in the series, but included top triathletes such as Jonny Brownlee, Sophie Coldwell and Aaron Royle.


Top image credit: Super League Triathlon