Super League Triathlon announce new team concept

Super League Triathlon have today announced a new SLT Teams racing dynamic, which will make its race debut in London on 5 September.

HAMILTON ISLAND, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: Swim Start during the Superleague Triathlon at Hamilton Island on March 19, 2017 in Hamilton Island, Australia.  (Photo by Delly Carr/Getty Images for SuperLeague)

Super League Triathlon (SLT) only made its debut in 2018, but has rocketed to popularity amongst pros and viewers alike for its dramatic, fast-paced atmosphere and innovative racing format.


Never one to stand still, SLT has now decided to include a completely different element to their five different events, the team dynamic. We’ll first see the SLT Teams in action at the London event on 5 September.

What is SLT Teams?

Claiming to be motivated by the team competition spirit seen in pro cycling and Formula 1, SLT introduces the team format as the “next step” in the development of the franchise. There’ll be five teams, each headed up by legends in the sport. These include:

  • SLT Scorpions: Managed by four-time world champion Chris McCormack
  • SLT Eagles: Managed by four-time world champion Tim Don
  • SLT Cheetahs: Managed by World Duathlon champion Annie Emerson
  • SLT Rhinos: Managed by 11-time Ironman winner Ronnie Schildknecht
  • SLT Sharks: Managed by two-time Olympian Michelle Dillon

The 40 athletes competing in Super League will be selected for each team by Team Managers via a ‘snake draft’, which is set to be broadcast on 26 August (6pm BST) on the Super League Triathlon’s YouTube channel.

This team dynamic brings with it an added prize purse of $320,000, guaranteeing every athlete will earn some money while competing. The winning team, who rack up the most number of points, will be in line to receive $15,000 each.

In total, the four-race 2021 series boasts a prize pool of $1.25m, which will make September the the wealthiest month in short course racing history. This includes prizes for the first 10 of each event, as well as the fastest in each discipline and prizes for all teams.

SLT promises that the aim of this is to guarantee that “every athlete will earn money from competing in Super League no matter where they place over the season”. Take a look at the full 2021 prize purse breakdown here. 

Super League Triathlon CEO, Michael D’hulst, says: “The racing will bring not only the individual battles we love but also a new tactical element promoting the swimmers, bikers and runners in triathlon and seeing them play a role in their Team’s success. The Team Managers will input to not only mentor the athletes but also attempt to deliver winning tactics.”

How can I watch the SLT Games?

The SLT Games will be broadcast live on BBC Sport and is due for its first outing in only two weeks on 5 September in London. Or you can register on the SLT website for free to watch the Games wherever you are. SLT Teams will be part of each race in the 2021 series.

The Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series includes:

  • September 5: London, UK
  • September 12: Munich, Germany
  • September 18: Jersey, Channel Islands
  • September 25: Malibu, USA

For further details on how SLT Teams will work, please visit the Super League Triathlon website.


Top image: Getty Images