Super League Triathlon announces 2022 Championship Series expansion

Super League Triathlon to visit London, Munich, Malibu and Toulouse before a Grand Finale in Saudi Arabia at the end of October

Malibu, USA - SEPTEMBER 25th 2021. SuperLeague Malibu, Men's Pro Race at Zuma Beach California, USA 25/9/2021 (Darren Wheeler - That Cameraman/SuperLeague)

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has announced that it will visit even more major global destinations for the fourth season of its Championship Series at the end of 2022.


The expanded 2022 Championship Series will take place in September and October and will see a first visit to France as well as a dramatic Grand Finale in Saudi Arabia.

The 2022 Super League Championship Series schedule

September 4: London, UK

September 11: Munich, Germany

September 17: Malibu, USA

October 2: Toulouse, France

October 29: Grand Finale, NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Super League Triathlon introduces Fan Team concept

The Team concept will also develop further this year after a successful debut in 2021. A true professional league will be part of the offering as SLT launches team franchises. One of these will be owned by fans, who will be given the opportunity to make major decisions which will have a significant impact on the racing.

In a unique move, fans who sign up to become team owners will help decide which athletes get drafted into the team, giving the chance to play fantasy triathlon in real life and have a huge impact on who wins the 2022 Championship Series. They will also get to input on a range of other team issues from kit design through to major tactical decisions.

Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said: “Super League Triathlon is going into its fourth season and continues to expand as we will now head to more exciting destinations with events in all the major triathlon markets as part of our commitment to drive innovation, develop a true spectator sport and create even greater value for our athletes.

“We will also take the next step on the journey of our Teams concept to create the first official Professional League for triathlon and to develop team franchises. As part of this we will again be pushing the boundaries in sport by allowing fans to own one of the franchises.

“This will offer an incredible proposition as triathlon fans get the chance to be involved in decision making that really makes a difference. To have the chance to help draft the team is a truly unique opportunity.”

Who will be racing the 2022 Super League Series?

Georgia Taylor-Brown and Alex Yee won the Championship Series in 2021, and both will be on the start line to  to defend their titles.

Full women’s line-up for 2022 Super League Series

Emma Jeffcoat (Australia)
Natalie Van Coevorden (Australia)
Hanne De Vet (Belgium)
Sophie Coldwell (Great Britain)
Sophia Green (Great Britain)
Beth Potter (Great Britain)
Sian Rainsley (Great Britain)
Non Stanford (Great Britain)
Georgia Taylor-Brown (Great Britain)
Kate Waugh (Great Britain)
Verena Steinhauser (Italy)
Jeanne Lehair (Luxembourg)
Sara Röel (Mexico)
Rachel Klamer (Netherlands)
Nicole van der Kaay (New Zealand)
Miriam Casillas García (Spain)
Alissa König (Switzerland)
Cathia Schär (Switzerland)
Taylor Spivey (USA)


Cassandre Beaugrand (France)
Laura Lindemann (Germany)

Full men’s line-up for 2022 Super League Series

Matt Hauser (Australia)
Marten Van Riel (Belgium)
Tyler Mislawchuk (Canada)
Emil Holme (Denmark)
Vincent Luis (France)
Jonas Schomburg (Germany)
Valentin Wernz (Germany)
Jonny Brownlee (Great Britain)
Daniel Dixon (Great Britain)
Max Stapley (Great Britain)
Alex Yee (Great Britain)
Shachar Sagiv (Israel)
Kenji Nener (Japan)
Tayler Reid (New Zealand)
Hayden Wilde (New Zealand)
João Silva (Portugal)
Vasco Vilaca (Portugal)
Jamie Riddle (South Africa)
Sergio Baxter Cabrera (Spain)
Henri Scoeman (South Africa)
Chase McQueen (USA)


Richard Murray (Netherlands)

Top image: Darren Wheeler – That Cameraman/SuperLeague