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Best skipping ropes for triathletes

Add a skipping rope to your kit bag or home gym for a quick, fun and effective cardio burst

Best skipping ropes for triathletes

A low-maintenance yet highly effective piece of cardio gym equipment, the trusty skipping rope is a useful training accessory. 


Ideal for home gyms and garden use, skipping ropes are a great piece of training kit as they’re easy to store and are affordable too.

They’re most beneficial for triathletes when used for cross-training, as they can help maintain/improve cardiovascular conditioning, build bone density and strengthen the muscles in the lower half of the body.

In our roundup of the best skipping ropes you’ll find weighted ropes, smart ropes and classic designs you’d expect in a gym, so you can find the best fit for your training needs. All picks are based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

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Best skipping ropes for 2022 

Gritin Skipping Rope

skipping rope with black and green handle

This skipping rope features memory foam handles in an effort to make it as comfortable as possible to hold. It’s also said to feature anti-slip qualities, suggesting the handles should be well-suited to sweaty palms.

A real draw is the rope’s adjustable and customisable nature to suit varying heights and workout routines, so you can create the perfect fit. The PVC coating on the high tensile steel wire aims to create a resistant and durable rope that can withstand an intense workout.

The 360° swivel ball technology used here is also said to help create a smooth turning motion, which is in place to prevent snagging and frustrating interruptions.

Tangram Rookie Smartrope

smart skipping rope

If you’re after something a little more advanced, Tangram offers smart skipping ropes. Using an app, you can view your skipping rope data and find out how many jumps you’ve completed, how many calories burned and the time you’ve spent jumping. This lets you keep track of your workout and progress without wearing a triathlon watch.

You can even challenge your friends on the app for a bit of competition and motivation. Other colours are available too, so you can opt for a bright pink or icy blue if you’d rather go for a more vibrant option.

Fitness Mad Speed Rope

Fitness Mad Speed Rope

A straightforward design for faff-free skipping, the Fitness Mad Speed Rope has free-spinning handles to allow for a smooth jump. It’s said to be shatter-proof too, suggesting this would be a durable pick. Designed for speed, this skipping rope should work well for a high intensity cardio workout.

This skipping rope can’t be adjusted, but there are three size options to choose from: eight, nine or 10 feet.

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Domyos 500 Skipping Rope 

Blue skipping rope

Domyos says this budget-friendly skipping rope is one to consider if you’re looking for something with an ergonomic, secure grip. The adjustable design features a colourful PVC rope and it’s recommended for regular to moderate intensity use.

It’s best to use this model indoors and on non-abrasive floors, so this skipping rope is one to consider if you’re in a flat with no outdoor access.

Buy the Domyos 500 skipping rope now from Decathlon.

Domyos Weighted Skipping Rope 

Weighted skipping rope

Looking for more of a challenge? This Domyos skipping rope has weighted handles, so you can combine your strength and cardio exercises. The skipping rope comes with two 80g removable weights, allowing for varied training sessions.

The rope is also said to be easy to adjust. All you have to do is open the handle and place the weight inside.

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Wooden boxing Skipping Ropes with Removable Weights

Weighted skipping rope with wooden handles

Another weighted option, this time with a lovely wooden design. Primarily designed for boxers, this skipping rope features a wide PVC rope and is likely to help work your shoulders and arm muscles in addition to your legs.

There are two removable 45g weights, so again you can mix up your workout routine. Weighing 460g without the weights, this skipping rope is better suited to home use, as there are lighter options for on-the-go use.

Renpho Smart Skipping Rope

Renpho smart skipping rope

Another smart skipping rope to consider, this Renpho rope lets you track your skipping time, skipping number and calories burned on an app. It claims to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so it’s a useful piece of kit to have to hand, particularly if you need to squeeze in a quick cardio session when you’re away from home.

With three skipping modes to choose from – including free jump, time countdown and numbers countdown – this model is well-suited to those who like some sort of structure to their workout. There’s even an LCD display on the handle so you can clearly view your progress.


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