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Best triathlon audiobooks to download today

Get facts, advice and inspiration on the go with one of these gripping triathlon audiobooks.

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If you struggle to find time for reading, why not opt for audiobooks instead? Countless triathlon books are now available in audio form, so you can listen whether you’re on the commute, doing housework or even training yourself. 


We’ve rounded up some of the best triathlon audiobooks to help you up your game. Just download your favourites and you can start listening straight away. 

Best triathlon audiobooks to listen to today

Life’s Too Short to Go So F*cking Slow

Life's Too Short to Go So Fcking Slow Lessons from an Epic Friendship That Went the Distance

As much a tale of friendship, support and the power of resilience as it is an account of triathlon success, this book is a heartwarming and engaging read. 

At its centre is unhealthy professor Susan and her Ironman triathlete boss, Carlos. After teaming up for triathlon training, they overcame obstacles including breakdowns and a shocking diagnosis. 

Inspiring and emotional, the story is testament to the restorative nature of triathlon and, with comical moments balancing out the more serious notes, it should be difficult to put down.

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Mike Reilly, Finding My Voice

Mike Reilly Finding My Voice Tales from Ironman, the World's Greatest Endurance Event

Ironman races attract more than 300,000 competitors every year, so it’s fair to say announcer Mike Reilly has heard a lot of inspiring stories during his work. 

This triathlon audiobook is his compendium of touching tales, revealing the impressive achievements of people up against all kinds of personal and fitness challenges. Read this if you’re in need of a little inspiration. 

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Triathlon Nutrition Foundations

Triathlon Nutrition Foundations A System to Nail Your Triathlon Race Nutrition and Make It a Weapon on Race Day

With his own YouTube channel, podcast and promising nickname, ‘Triathlon Taren’ Gesell can provide plenty of insight into the most effective strategies for improving your PB. Here, he shines a light on the importance of nutrition, which can have an enormous impact on any triathlete’s performance. 

One of the best parts of this triathlon audiobook is Gesell’s system for working out precise calorie requirements for every race. There’s also an easy strategy for identifying what to eat, how much of it to put on your plate and when to schedule your mealtimes to achieve optimal results. 

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Operation Ironman

Operation Ironman One Man's Four Month Journey from Hospital Bed to Ironman Triathlon

Author George Mahood has written across a wide range of different topics, from travelling America to getting married. Now, he’s set himself a challenge: to complete an Ironman within just four months. 

At the start of the book, Mahood isn’t your average triathlete. In fact, he’s recovering from major back surgery, can’t swim more than a length and has never even used a proper road bike. 

This funny account relays Mahood’s training journey as he prepares to become a fully fledged triathlete.

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Triathlon for the Every Woman

Triathlon for the Every Woman You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You.

Written for women who doubt their ability to become a successful triathlete, this book charts the journey of Meredith Atwood, a busy wife and mother who reached her fitness goal. Within a year of deciding to get active, she’d achieved an Ironman 70.3. 

After sharing her story on SwimBikeMom.com, Atwood collaborated with fitness coaches, nutritionists and other professionals to create this informative resource, packed with useful facts and advice.

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80/20 Triathlon

80 20 Triathlon Discover the Breakthrough Elite-Training Formula for Ultimate Fitness and Performance at All Levels

Are you stuck in a ‘moderate-intensity rut’ when it comes to triathlon training? According to authors Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden, most amateur athletes are stuck in this category, which can lead to issues like chronic fatigue. 

They believe an 80/20 approach is the best way to maximise your success: prioritise low-intensity training for 80% of the time and move up to moderate/high for 20%. In this triathlon audiobook, you’ll learn why this method works and discover advice and training plans for a variety of different distances, including sprint, Olympic and Ironman events.

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Irongran How Triathlon Taught Me That Growing Older Needn't Mean Slowing Down

Anyone interested in staying fit as they grow older should put this triathlon audiobook on their list. Written by 73-year-old Eddie Brocklesby, it proves you can still accomplish your fitness goals, no matter how many years you have behind you. 

After the death of her husband and years spent driving her children to their own fitness clubs, Brocklesby decided to reclaim the passion for sports she’d known as a child.

Here, she recounts the international marathons, triathlons and Ironman races she’s completed over the past two decades, along with plenty of information and advice on keeping active in later life.

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Triathlon for Beginners

Triathlon for Beginners Everything You Need to Know About Training, Nutrition, Kit, Motivation, Racing, and Much More

A fantastic introduction to the world of triathlon, this book gives you all the essential information you need to take your first steps as an aspiring athlete. It includes advice on everything from the practicalities of getting started and decoding jargon to learning race etiquette and creating personalised training regimes.

Author Dan Golding has competed alongside many award-winning triathletes and provides his insight into what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. 

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The Triathlete’s Training Bible

The Triathlete's Training Bible The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide

This ‘bible’ comes from celebrated coach Joe Friel, who has supported hundreds of thousands of people through his triathlon training programme. If you’re serious about creating a weekly regimen that works for you, this is the book to read. 

As well as the audiobook narrated by Brian Arens, you’ll get access to an accompanying PDF, which details workout and training plans to help you in your fitness journey.

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To the Finish Line

To the Finish Line A World Champion Triathlete’s Guide to Your Perfect Race

From the mind of Chrissie Wellington OBE comes this personal yet advice-filled resource aimed at anyone with an interest in triathlon. The four-time Ironman champion relays her own stories of overcoming obstacles, as well as tips on training, transitions and meal plans.

Check out Chrissie Wellington’s other book, A Life Without Limits for more inspiration and advice.

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Chasing Extreme

Chasing Extreme A Journey of Overcoming Obstacles & Depression to Embrace a Life of Extreme Adventure

A hugely inspiring read, Chasing Extreme reveals how Luke Tyburski became an ultra-endurance adventurer after injuries put an end to his dreams of becoming a professional football player. Here, he recounts the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, all while struggling with clinical depression. 

Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer or not, this fascinating and emotional triathlon audiobook, read by Luke Tyburski himself, demonstrates the power of determination and resilience.

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