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Best yoga mat deals for stretching and strengthening

Whether you want to stretch, plank, crunch, or downward dog, find the best yoga mat for your floor exercises.

Person's feet on a yoga mat

Yogi or not, a yoga mat can provide you with a comfortable (and clean) space to work out at home, whether you’re following a yoga class, stretching or doing some strength and conditioning work.  


There’s a lot to consider when selecting a yoga mat, with comfort of course being an important factor. With a variety of thickness levels available, it’s worth thinking about how spongy or firm you’d prefer your mat to be.

Yoga mats tend to be thinner than Pilates mats, so you should think about the kind of floor exercises you enjoy before buying your mat. 

With yoga, you’ll need a mat with sufficient grip to ensure you can master difficult positions, which require a lot of balance and control!

There’s an array of materials, colours and designs to choose from, too, so you can have fun selecting a bright and vibrant mat, or we’ve also added a number of simple styles if that’s more up your street! Yoga mats also vary greatly in price, from under £20 to over £100, so you’ll find a mix of price points in our roundup.

You’ll also find a couple of mat options at the end of our list more suited to Pilates and cross training, to help give you an idea of the mat market! 

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The best yoga mats for 2022

Yoga-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat

Red rolled up yoga mat

The Warrior II aims to provide you with non-slip support so you can confidently hold yourself in your favourite yoga positions. This particular mat is an upgraded version of Yoga-Mad’s popular model, promising improved grip, so it could be a great choice for those looking to limit unwanted mat movement.

It’s 183cm long, and has a thickness of 4mm, so it’s a middle ground option if you’re after a balance of thick and thin.

If you find it’s getting a little grubby, you can pop it in the washing machine on a non-spin cycle and keep it in sparkly condition! As well as burgundy, there’s a range of colours to choose from including pink, blue and purple.

Yoga-Mad also supply studios and gyms with their fitness accessories, so it’s likely you’ll have already used their equipment!

Gaiam Essentials Fitness Yoga Mat

Grey thick yoga mat rolled up with strap

At 10mm, this could be a yoga mat to consider if you’re looking for thick cushioning. With this mat model, Gaiam aim to provide dense support for joints. It has a simple and straightforward design, and it features a handy carry strap so it’s a top pick if you take your mat along to classes.

It has non-slip ridges to allow for stability as you exercise, so if you enjoy a textured mat, this could be the one for you.

Yogi Bare Teddy Yoga Mat 

Pink and patterned yoga mat

If you’re up for a quirky and funky print, this is a fun choice! This Yogi Bare Teddy Mat features an absorbent microfibre towel surface, so it should be a great option for sweaty hot yoga sessions!

It can also be used as a top layer, so if you borrow a mat from a friend or studio, you could simply pop the Yogi Bare mat on top! It’s 2mm thin, and weighs 1.5kg, so you can fold it into a square and chuck it into your bag.

A rubber base aims to prevent the frustrating bunching effect, and the mat is machine washable, too. In terms of materials, it’s made with non-toxic water based inks and sustainably sourced, natural rubber, so it’s an eco-friendly choice.

For efficient grip, it’s recommend you spray the mat with water before use.

Manuka Life Linen Yoga Mat

Sage green yoga mat with tie

This yoga mat has a linen design and is latex free. It aims to provide you with both a comfortable cloth surface on top, as well as a non-slip, sticky mat underneath to provide the best of both worlds.


There’s also a delicate tie which gives this mat a unique and pleasing appearance if you’re looking for a more gentle design. It has a soothing sage green colour and is 5mm thick.

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BeElite Eco Yoga Mat

Lilac yoga mat

Made from DeCoto foam, which is created from renewable bio-based materials such as bamboo, this is another pick for the eco-conscious.

The 5mm mat is recommended for post-recovery training sessions so it’s likely to come in handy whether you’ve been in the pool, on your bike or out for a run. This yoga mat is available in black, purple and pink, and is 183cm long, so you should have plenty of room to stretch the pain away.

Yamkas Yoga Mat 

Green yoga mat with alignment lines

If you’re in need of some extra guidance, this yoga mat features body alignment lines to help your hands and feet find the correct position. This could be helpful if you’re following a virtual class, as you may lack feedback and reassurance that your body is accurately aligned.

The 6mm mat has a textured surface to allow for extra stability, which could be beneficial, particularly when you’re trying out trickier positions and you’re at risk of losing balance.

You can choose between grey, green and purple. At such an affordable price, this could be a good option for those keen to try their hand at yoga before splashing out on expensive equipment.

Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat

Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat, Slate

Sweaty Betty is renowned for its stylish activewear and also offers a range of equipment and accessories to help with your exercise routines. This yoga mat is all about the grip, so it could be the solution you’re after if you’re fed up of slippery mats ruining a yoga session.

It’s lightweight – just 2kg – so it could work well for group studio sessions and home workouts. It has a thickness of 4mm, so should provide both comfort and support. It’s worth noting, it’s not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

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Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat

Oink Take Form Yoga Mat

It’s the texture that makes this 5mm Lululemon yoga mat stand out from the crowd. The 3D texture aims to help you stay centred and help with your positioning, so you shouldn’t have to constantly look down at the mat when tackling tricky poses.

This mat has been specifically designed for yoga, and with a fairly hefty price tag, it could be a great investment for serious yogis. It’s made with naturally-sourced, sustainable rubber material, so you should avoid this pick if you have a rubber or latex allergy.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your mat, the marble effect is quite eye-catching!

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Nyamba Comfort Fitness Floor Mat

Thick grey exercise mat


This is the thickest option on the list – making it more suitable for Pilates – so it’s one to think about if you’re looking for a spongy base for your floor workout routines. At 15mm thick, it should be ideal for gentle exercises. It has a convenient carry strap for easy travel, and it’s also available in green and grey.

Corelength Folding Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Mat

Black folding fitness mat

This is a nice option for summer, as you can use this fitness mat for both indoor and outdoor use. Rather than yoga or Pilates, this mat is more suited to strength training exercises and cross training. It’s 8mm thick and you can also wear your shoes on it if you’re not a fan of barefoot workouts.

It folds rather than rolls, which should prevent the corners and edges from curving, so you shouldn’t have to flatten your mat down with a shoe or water bottle. Thanks to the foldable design, it’s recommended you could create extra cushioning and support for your elbows when working on your core.

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