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Best bike training mat deals for indoor cycling

Find a suitable base for your turbo trainer and enhance your indoor cycling set-up with a bike training mat.

Best bike training mats

If you’re enjoying the benefits of indoor cycling as an alternative to wet and windy training sessions, it’s worth creating a comfortable workout environment with the help of a bike training mat.  

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Whether you want to protect your floor from damage and sweat or find a non-slip base to keep your turbo trainer securely in place, a bike training mat is an effective and affordable indoor cycling accessory.

Placing a mat underneath your bike trainer can also help muffle the noise and vibrations for a quieter workout. You can also use your bike training mats for other equipment including exercise bikes and multi-gyms, so they’re bound to come in handy.

There are loads of bike training mats on the market, so through analysis of user reviews and in-depth research, we’ve put together a range of designs at varying price points so you can find a suitable match.

Best bike training mats for 2023

CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat

Black bike trainer floor mat

This bike training mat from CyclingDeal is 6mm thick and its texture is described as extra soft yet durable. It could be one to consider if you’re looking for a cushioned and comfortable mat that works well for pre-workout stretching, as well as a turbo trainer base.

With an anti-slip design, this bike training mat should keep your bike trainer securely in place during intense workouts. You could also use it for a Peloton bike.

The mat measures 152cm x 76cm, so there’s plenty of room for your to roll your training equipment into place. It promises to protect your floors, too, so you can enjoy a class or training session without worrying about the damage it’s doing to your wooden floor.

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Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat 

Multi-Purpose Floor Mat

This Wahoo indoor cycling floor mat has a water-resistant design, making it more likely to be unaffected by sweat and water bottle spillages.

It also features noise insulating qualities that aim to absorb the sound of your equipment to allow for a quieter training session. This is a handy quality that could benefit those who work from home and don’t want to disturb flatmates or neighbours.

It also means you can hop on your turbo trainer late at night, or early in the morning, without worrying too much about keeping the house awake.

It’s designed to keep you and your bike trainer in one place thanks to its anti-slip texture.

Elite Folding Trainer Mat

Elite Folding Trainer Mat

If portability is top of your priority list, this bike training mat folds up, rather than rolls, so it should be easy to store and carry. It’s 180cm x 90cm, so it’s one to think about if you’re keen to cover and protect a lot of floor space.

It’s worth noting this is a lightweight version of Elite’s heavy-duty mat, so it’s a solid choice if you’d prefer a thinner mat.

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Halfords Turbo Trainer Mat

Halfords Turbo Trainer Mat

This is another foldable turbo training mat, so it’s a top choice if you’re tight on space. You can wipe it down after a particularly sweaty session and it promises a grippy nature to allow for a stable ride. The high density padding is designed to keep noise and vibrations at a minimum.

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Tacx Trainer Mat 

Tacx Trainer Mat

If you own a Tacx turbo trainer and want to keep things consistent in your home gym, you could go all out and get a matching mat. This bike training mat features water-resistant foam so you can enjoy an intense and sweaty session. It also aims to reduce noise vibrations and rolls away for convenient storage.

It’s at the higher end of the price scale, and you’ll find the Tacx and Garmin logo in the corner.

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Velo Pro Shock Resistance Exercise Mat

Velo Pro Shock Resistance Mat

If you’re sick of grey and black gym equipment and fancy a brighter design, this vibrant blue bike training mat could do the trick! This is a versatile exercise mat, as it’s recommended for a range of exercises and equipment including yoga, Pilates, treadmills and cross trainers.

It claims a heavy duty foam design that aims to absorb vibrations and improve the stability of your bike trainer. It’s 5mm thick and you can wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it fresh.

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PedalPro Exercise Bike Trainer Floor Mat

Shock resistant bike training mat

You can use this PedalPro exercise mat for exercise bikes and gym benches as well as bike trainers, so it could work well for home gym enthusiasts thanks to its versatile nature.

It promises shock resistant qualities and aims to reduce vibrations, which is great news for your neighbours. It has a thickness of 6mm and measures 180cm x 70cm in length. The sleek logo design gives it a professional look if you’re after a stylish mat.

Van Rysel Turbo Trainer Mat

Black turbo trainer mat

This turbo training mat from Decathlon’s brand Van Rysel aims to protect your floors from dents made by your cleats. It’s also designed to help deaden the sound of your equipment and protect your floor from sweat.

It measures 190cm x 90cm and claims to offer great grip, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your equipment moving around too much.

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