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Bike storage ideas: 9 secure solutions to save you space

Keep your bike well within reach but safely out of the way with these clever storage ideas

Mottez Folding & Telescopic 4 Bike Wall Rack

Finding a suitable place to store your bike can be tricky business if you don’t have enough floorspace in your home or garage or you’re worried about leaving your pride and joy outside, vulnerable to the elements and would-be-thieves.


Thankfully there are a range of clever solutions available that tackle the dual problem of storage and security.

Whether you’re looking for a wall or ceiling rack that will keep your bikes off the ground, or a shed that will protect your bike when it’s left outside, we’ve put together our selection of the best bike storage ideas. These have been compiled by using industry knowledge and analysing user reviews.

9 bike storage solutions

Keter Store-It Out Bike Shed

Keter Store-It Out Ultra Outdoor Garden Storage Bike Shed

Keep your bikes and all of your cycling accessories in one protective place with this spacious outdoor storage unit. An ideal choice if you have a bit of room in a back garden or driveway, the Keter Store can be accessed via the front double doors or from the top thanks to a piston-assisted lid, so you can get to your items quickly and easily.

Claiming to be made from durable materials and including steel reinforcement, you should be able to rest easy knowing your items are stored inside. It’s also fitted with a main door bolt so you can add your own padlock, which should give you peace of mind.

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

If you’re short on standing room but need somewhere to pack away your bicycles, this floor mounted bike holder may be the best solution for you. Although only two bike mounts are included, the brand claims the product is able to hold up to four bicycles at once. 

Each mount can tilt 30 degrees to find a position that works best for the space you have and it has rubber mounted feet to ensure it stays safely standing. 

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand on white background

Make the most of limited space with this vertical stand, which will hold your bike in a handstand position. It works by allowing you to roll your back wheel onto the ramp and fasten your front wheel to the vertical brace. Aiming to be easier than having to lift your bike and hang it on a wall mount, this stand boasts a stable storage of your bike, due in part to the strap which runs through the front wheel.

The ‘V track’ which holds the back wheel is 2.5 inches wide and claims to be able to store a variety of tyre sizes.

Bike Wall and Ceiling Rack

BIKE WALL AND CEILING RACK on white background

Said to be capable of holding up to 15kg, this versatile hook can be fitted on walls or ceilings with just two screws (not included) to free up your floor space. Claiming to hold any type of bike from the front or back wheel, this is a seemingly simple solution to any storage strife.

Decathlon Protective Cover for 2 Bikes

PROTECTIVE COVER FOR 2 BIKES on white background

Protect your bike from prying eyes, dust in the summer and poor weather in the winter with this protective cover from Decathlon, which should be able to hold two bikes at once.

It features an elasticated bottom that aims to provide tight coverage as well as make it an easy task to cover your bikes. Said to be made from a durable fabric, it’s been designed to cover all types of bikes, except for those with a child’s seat attached. 

Mottez Folding and Telescopic 4 Bike Wall Rack

Mottez Folding & Telescopic 4 Bike Wall Rack

Ideal for a larger collection of bicycles, this wall rack is capable of holding up to four bikes at once, while keeping them off the floor to free up space in your garage or home. Although the necessary screws and bolts are not included, it claims to only need four to attach to the wall, and is said to be easily installable as a result.

As well as storing your bikes, it also comes with two hooks, so you can keep some of your biking accessories nearby, and has eight foam pads to protect your bikes and the rack itself. 

Hiplok AIRLOCK Secure Bicycle Hanger

Hiplok AIRLOK Secure Bicycle Storage Hanger on white background

Equal parts bike storage and bike lock, this heavy duty hanger is made from hardened steel and boasts an impact resistant plastic cover to ensure once your frame is locked inside, anyone would have a problem trying to remove it without the owner’s key.

The key itself is apparently uniquely lazer cut to prevent any easy copies, with a replacement scheme in place should you lose it. Though the lock is made of hard metal, it features rubberised frame protection on the interior to avoid any scrapes and scratches to your pride and joy.

Clug Roadie Bike Holder

Clug Roadie Bike Holder on white background

This no-fuss bike holder will keep your bike in place without taking up too much space of its own, thanks to its small and subtle design. Once the grip is attached to the wall it can support the back or front wheel, which means your bike can be stored in a variety of ways to help you make the most of the space you have. 

Designed to fit almost every type of bike tyre, the Clug holder is available in three different versions: for standard bikes, hybrid tyres and larger mountain bikes. 

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounted Bike Holder

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounted Bike Holder on white background

The Cycloc Endo wall mount isn’t just a bike holder, it’s a display unit, so you can show off your ride while saving on floor space. Available in a range of colours, the two-piece holder (one for each tyre) is made from glass-reinforced polypropylene fitted with rubber inserts to protect both your bike and the wall.