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Best waterproof bike cover deals

Not everyone has the option of a cosy bike shed or garage to store their bikes, so picking up a durable and waterproof bike cover can be the next best solution to secure your bike away from the rain, wind and to help keep it secure from theft.

bikeparka cover

A good quality, waterproof bike cover is an essential bit of kit for those without inside space to store their precious cargo.


Key features to look out for include: waterproof or water-resistant materials, elasticated hems that cinch in around the bike to avoid flapping in the wind or catching on objects, eyelets along the bottom to thread a lock through to further secure the bike, the capacity to pack the cover away into a small bag and attachment areas within the cover to keep it in place.

Top waterproof bike covers 

LifeLine Waterproof Bike Cover

  • £19.99

With single or double bike size options, this cover uses a 210 denier waterproof fabric and can pack away into a small, drawstring bag. The front of the cover has handy holes to fit a bike lock through and around your bike for extra security, with elasticated ends for a snug fit.

Evoc Bike Cover

  • £114.95

Both a storage cover and carry bag, the Evoc can be used a range of different ways. You can pack your bike away fully by removing both of your wheels, which you can then store in dedicated compartments. If you just remove the front wheel, most of the bike will be concealed in the bag, though the handlebars and saddle may still be on show. Alternatively, you can use the bag without taking apart your bike, as demonstrated in the image above.

The bag is made out of woven polyethylene, which is both stretch and water resistant to protect the bike. There are also areas of padding throughout the bag, which are designed to protect the more delicate parts of your beloved bike.

BikeParka Urban Bike Cover

bikeparka cover
  • £39.95

Available in a variety of colour combinations, the BikeParka claims to be ‘one size fits all’ and is adjustable via a toggle. It’s made of a PU coated, UPF50+ breathable material, which packs down into a stuff sack that can then be attached to your bike if needed.

The bottom of the cover features eyelets, which’ll allow you to thread a lock through the cover for maximum security when leaving your bike outside. BikeParka says the polyester ripstop fabric is same type of material that’s used for parachutes and, as such, should be extremely tough.

Topeak Nylon Bike Cover

topeak bike cover
  • £36.99

This foldable bike cover from Topeak is designed to both keep the bike dry and avoid rust developing. It’s constructed with a water-resistant and UV proofed nylon fabric and comes with a small carry bag to neatly stow it away. It also has elasticated bottom edges for a snug fit.

Oxford Aquatex 2

Oxford Aquatex 2 bike cover
  • £22.99

With three available sizes depending on the number of bikes you have, the Oxford Aquatex 2 is made from 100 denier, double-stitched polyester. It uses a double PU coating to help provide weather resistance and is also claimed to be UV resistant.

The cover can be stowed away in its included storage bag when not in use, and includes handy inner storage pockets. The bottom of the cover has a clip and features elasticated edges, which are designed to provide full security and coverage in all weathers.

BTR Waterproof Bike Cover

BTR bike cover
  • £37.99

BTR claims that its bike cover is ‘ultra heavy duty’ and durable, as well as being 100% waterproof and able to fit two bikes inside. At each end of the cover you’ll find clips to attach to the wheels, while an eyelet at the front can be used to fit a lock through.

Beeway 190T Nylon Bike Cover

Beeway bike cover
  • £13.99 

Made from “waterproof” 190T nylon with a UV coating, this Beeway bike cover claims to be large enough for two bikes and easy to pack down into a drawstring storage pouch. The hem of the cover is elasticated in order to help it stay in place during poor weather, while eyelets at the front allow the bike to be locked through the front wheel.

Faireach Bike Rain Cover

Faireach bike cover
  • £18.99

Made from 210 denier PU-coated fabric, Faireach claims this bike cover is both waterproof and UV-resistant. It comes with a waterproof storage bag and has eyelets at the front in order to allow you to secure the front bike wheel with a lock, which is secured by a clip along the bottom of the cover. Elasticated hems are included to help the cover stay put in high winds.