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Best home gym equipment in 2024

No time to go to the gym to do strength work? No problem. Here's the best home gym equipment to help you get strong, fit and triathlon ready.

Best home gym equipment in 2021
Best home gym equipment in 2021

Fitting in the time to do all of your triathlon training can be tricky, so having appropriate home gym equipment is a sensible move. Whether you’re looking to strengthen, improve mobility or build back stronger after an injury, we’ve put together a list of the best home exercise equipment to help with your training.

From weights and treadmills, to swimming cords and rollers, our selection has something for every muscle, knot and ache.

RDX Kettlebell Weights Sandbag with Handle

These colourful kettlebells are designed for a variety of strength training activities, including swings, squats and deadlifts, and look like an ideal choice to allow you to target certain muscle groups and functional movements.

They’re available in five different weights, ranging from 2kg to 10kg, so you can pick an option that best suits your needs.

The Cordura fabric is said to be durable and is used here in an effort to help protect both you and your new wooden floorboards. They’ve also been designed with a flat bottom to them so they stand stable and upright when on the ground.

Find more options in our guide to the best kettlebells to buy for your home gym.

Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill

Auto-fold technology makes the newest addition to the Echelon collection an appealing choice for a home gym equipment collection. The built-in transport wheels are designed to make it easy to move and if you’re worried about space it folds down to 10 inches, so shouldn’t take up too much room when stored away.

With a maximum incline of 10 per cent and a maximum speed of 12mph, a range of workouts are available, whether you’re looking for an intense sprint or a relaxing jog.

For more information, take a look at our article on the benefits of using a treadmill.

ThruDark Weighted Vest

  • £160

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is a key part of any triathlete’s training regime, but finding the time or resources to fit it into your schedule can be tough.

If you don’t have a gym membership or any weights at home, you may be relying on bodyweight exercises for your S&C sessions. That’s fine, and one of the ways to help progress with these sessions is to add weight.

This weighted vest from ThruDark is designed for these sort of scenarios. It weighs 10kg, has padded straps and the side straps are fully adjustable to help you achieve a personalised fit. The vest is constructed out of durable materials, and there are even Velcro sections for you to add your own patches.

Buy the ThruDark weighted vest now from ThruDark.

TRX Move Suspension System Trainer

Suspension trainers have grown in popularity over the past couple of years thanks to their versatility and ease of storage. The TRX Move Suspension System Trainer gives you the flexibility to train a number of different body parts in ways that suit your fitness level.

To set it up, you simply need to trap it in a door or hook it over some sort of beam (or even a tree trunk if you fancy a garden gym session). Adjustable straps mean you should be able to find a fit that suits your needs, and then you can continue with your exercise routine.

Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or your last, suspension trainers offer low-impact, functional fitness, and TRX is one of the best-known brands around.

Elite Suito-T Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

As direct-drive turbo trainers go, this is a light option that offers a lot of useful features for triathletes. It has a maximum power of approximately 1900W, delivers power measurements accurate to 2.5% and comes with a custom front wheel riser block.

It’s fully compatible with apps including Zwift and Rouvy and simulates slopes up to 15%. This quiet piece of training kit works with 9, 10 and 11-speed Shimano cassettes and packs away well when not in use.

For a detailed review and further inspiration, take a look at our reviewed list of smart turbo trainers.

Renpho Smart Skipping Rope

If you use skipping ropes for quick cardio sessions when short on time, this Smart Skipping Rope from Renpho could be worth considering. The brand says it can be used inside or outside, while a small screen displays key data such as skip time or total skips.

It can also be connected with the brand’s smartphone app, Renpho Fit. This is said to allow you to track and analyse your data, including the likes of calories burned and total skip number.

The skipping rope has also been designed with three different modes that’ll allow you to skip freely, use a countdown or skip up to a certain number.

Fitness-Mad Mini-Power Loop Set

Resistance bands are great for a range of needs, whether you’re looking to build strength, increase mobility or recover from an injury.

This set has five different strengths ranging from x-light to x-strong, so you can alter your routine and build up your strength as you look to challenge yourself and increase the difficulty. They take up no room at all and can be used anywhere in your home.

For more on this, take a look at our favourite resistance bands and discover why you should use them.

Fitness Weighted Ball

At 900g, this weighted ball is an good option if you’re looking to intensify your arm or core strengthening exercises. It’s also an easy and affordable way to work on the rest of your upper body and make your Pilates more challenging.

Read our article which explains how triathletes can benefit from Pilates.

Feedback Sports Omnium Rollers

The portable nature of the Feedback Sports Omnium Rollers made them an appealing choice when our gear tester reviewed them. They fold away into a tote bag, so they are easy to keep out of the way in the house and carry when you’re on the move. Giving them a score of 85%, our reviewer found them simple, capable and easy to use.

To read the full review, take a look at our list of the best turbo trainers and rollers.

Gaiam Exercise Mat

Exercise mats not only provide comfort when you’re stretching, but also prevent you from having to roll around on the mucky floor of your home gym.

Gaiam is renowned for its attractive designs and promises to provide stability when you’re mid-pose due to the non-slip surface of its products. This one is reversible and has 4mm of cushioning.

Opti Utility Training Bench

A training bench is a worthwhile investment as it can be used for a range of exercises including sit-ups and weight training, which has been proven to help with running, cycling and swimming. If you’re conscious of space, this training bench could be the one for you, as it folds flat for easy storage.

It also has the space to store your dumbbells thanks to a convenient, integrated rack. The height and angle of the bench is also adjustable.

Body Sculpture BW108T Smart Dumbbell Tower

Owning your own set of dumbbells allows you to supplement your triathlon training without having to head to the gym. This kit comes with a stand and three pairs of dumbbells weighing 1.5kg, 3kg and 5kg respectively.

This range in weight means the Body Sculpture Smart Dumbbell Tower is well suited to help you improve and maintain your functional fitness.

Domyos Massage and Mobility Roller – Soft

A foam roller can be beneficial both before and after a big training session or race, allowing you to warm up or relieve muscle tension. Domyos says its 3D-sculpted foam roller is robust enough that it won’t lose its shape, so if you’re fed up of flimsy rollers that tend to collapse, this could be your solution.

Read our article on the best types of foam rollers to help you decide which kind is best for you and your body.

Core Balance Balance Trainer With Resistance Bands

This balance trainer from Core Balance can be used with the dome facing up or down, allowing you to work on your core and mobility in a variety of ways. The resistance bands attached to the side of the dome further enhance the versatility of this product and can be used for exercises such as bicep curls and lateral raises. Meanwhile, the anti-slip design promises to prevent you from slipping when you’re standing on the dome.

Theragun Elite Massage Gun

Theragun’s goal is to help with your muscle recovery and reduce tension and pain. The brand’s smart percussive therapy claims to reach 60% deeper into the muscle in comparison to the average massager.

The Elite model comes with five different attachments – dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb and cone – so you can alter the design in order to hit the specific points that are giving you particular grief. There are five built-in speeds to choose from and you can control the speed range using an app.

To find out about an alternative massage gun from Theragun, check out this review of the Theragun Pro.

FINIS Dryland Cord

Swimming cords are a useful addition to your home gym collection when you can’t make it to the pool. These swim cords from Finis attach to an anchor point of your choice so you can practise your swimming techniques from the comfort of your home.

As well as improving strength and endurance while working on a number of body parts including biceps, shoulders and abs, this piece of equipment should help with injury recovery too, making it it a versatile piece of kit.

Body Pump Barbell 20KG Weight Set

Coaches often encourage weight training as part of a triathlon training plan, with sessions thought to increase race performance and reduce the risk of certain injuries.

This bar uses a rubber coating in order to provide comfort, as well as a solid grip. The brightly coloured weights, which come in pairs of 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg, are also covered in rubber in an effort to limit any damage to your floor. Plus, they’re non-circular in shape, so they shouldn’t roll about either. The set also includes spring collars to make changing weights a simple and easy process.

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