World’s first smart mask launched

AirPop has announced the production of the Active+ Halo Smart Mask, claimed to be the first ever “air wearable”. The mask has an inbuilt Halo Sensor that monitors air quality to provide the user personalised data on pollution, breathing rate and respiratory health.

AirPop Active mask

What is it?

“Bridges the gap between outside air and internal respiration”


Connects personal respiratory data with real-time stats on location and air quality, in order to make biometric analyses. All of the personal feedback information can be accessed via the AirPop app, this includes reminders on when it’s time to replace the mask’s filter, what pollutants the filter has blocked during use, breathing cycles and behaviour. The filter claims to block over 99% PM0.3 which includes dust, allergens and microbial particles.

Can it be used for sport?

The mask can be worn for exercise and set to ‘Active Mode’, the sensor will then measure metrics like breaths per minute and breathes per pace. The mask itself has a dome structure which keeps it off the face, it is also washable and built with medical-grade soft touch material. Each mask will come with four filters and the app will notify the user when it is time to replace them.

 The inspiration behind the idea  

Founder of AirPop, Chris Hosmer says “I was inspired to start AirPop in 2015 because my daughter suffered a series of acute respiratory reactions to noxious air years earlier and the experience of feeling under informed and feeling helpless stayed with me. Since then, we have innovated a full range of adult and kids’ products for both high-performance and day-to-day use alike.”


With the undeniable slogan “we believe clean air is a human right”, we’re excited to see the number of people this mask will help and just how it fares during exercise.