Breathe Strong, Perform Better

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What Alison McConnell doesn’t know about inspiratory muscle training really isn’t worth knowing. The British physiologist has been the driving force behind the now widespread integration of this training modality into the programmes of many different and high performing athletes.


This book is, therefore, something of a bible for all sports participants looking to be educated in the methods and benefits of training the breathing muscles. Accordingly, the text is broken down into clear sections, leading you from the first principles into detailed training plans with plenty of compelling examples.

Be warned, though, it’s heavy going and those without a sports science background will need maximum concentration during the early chapters. But patience is rewarded and you’re left with the knowledge that can give the most stale of training sessions a lease of life with the addition of an inspiratory muscle training device. Obviously, the Powerbreathe is pushed fairly hard given Alison’s responsibility for its creation.


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