Boris Johnson nominated for Tri2Cure challenge

British elite Will Clarke invites Mayor of London to take part in new grassroots triathlon movement and help raise money for Anticancer Fund

A Barclay Cycle Hire docking station in central London

A new grassroots triathlon movement called Tri2Cure is aiming to get newcomers to try a sprint triathlon, and in similar fashion to the Ice Bucket Challenge asks triathletes to invite three newbies via social media.


British pro triathlete Will Clarke has already nominated Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, while his Uplace-BMC teammate Liz Blatchford has nominated pro cyclist Cadel Evans and former pro cyclist Robbie McEwan.

Tri2Cure’s backers say they have four aims with the project: introduce triathlon to the general public, encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle; invite them to take their first steps in triathlon, and create awareness for the Anticancer Fund.

There are however a few rules…

– All triathletes (no matter distance nor level) have the right to nominate three non-triathletes for the challenge;
– If you are challenged, you have to practise the three sports within two weeks;
– The minimum distances are: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run (a sprint triathlon). It’s not a competition, you do the distances according to your own abilities.
– You prove it by sharing photos of you on your social media.
– If not, you donate an amount to the the Anticancer Fund
– If you have completed the challenge, or if you have donated, you may nominate three other people.

More info can be found on their new Facebook page and Twitter account.

(Main image: Colin)


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