Age-grouper starts incredible triathlon challenge

Forty-year-old Andy Stone aims to complete 35 Olympic triathlons in 35 days...

Age-group triathlete Andy Stone

Age group triathlete Andy Stone, 40, has today started an incredible triathlon challenge that will see him complete 35 Olympic triathlons in 35 days.


Despite this being a mammoth undertaking, the challenge itself is actually part of Andy’s training as he bids to achieve the greatest number of 70.3 triathlons completed by a man on consecutive days.

If he successfully completes his 70 70.3 triathlons in 70 days, Andy will also get the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of 70.3 triathlons completed in a year by a man. Triathlon one of 70 is scheduled to take place on 4 April 2022.

For now though, Andy is focused on his 35 Olympic triathlons in 35 days and is keen to build his mental and physical strength through the current challenge.

“I like the idea of doing something no one’s ever done, to see what my body is capable off and to have a project to focus on, which I find helps with my mental wellbeing.

“I’m inspired by many athletes who have pushed their bodies to the max – people like ultra runner and ex-special forces soldier David Goggins and Ross Edgley, who swam around the entire British Isles. Their focus, strength and achievements motivate me to want to take on my own challenge.”

But this isn’t the first challenge Andy’s taken on. Earlier this year Andy completed 17 consecutive sprint triathlons in 17 days, raising £1,300 for the Stroke Association in the process.

As a PADI scuba diving instructor, Andy has a huge love of the ocean but has seen first-hand the impact that humans and over fishing is having on our marine life. That’s why through this challenge he’s raising money for ocean conservation charities the Blue Marine Foundation and the Shark Trust.


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