Feel at home in the ocean with Orca

Orca’s new range of inclusive swimwear for women is designed to allow everyone to enjoy the water

Woman swimming in an Orca wetsuit

Feeling at home in the ocean, whether you’re competing in a triathlon or enjoying a leisurely open-water swim, is something that everyone should be able to experience.


This is why size inclusivity is so important when it comes to wetsuits. If you’re planning to take part in a triathlon anytime soon, finding the right-fitting suit isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Unlike other sports kit, the sizing needs to be spot-on to allow you to be comfortable, perform and stay warm.

Orca is the market’s leading brand of wetsuits and water sports accessories due to the design of its products and inclusivity. For more than 25 years, they have honed their products by taking learnings from the relationships they have established with athletes and via continuous product testing.

Finding the right triathlon wetsuit

We all know that not all triathletes are alike, so within Orca’s range, there are wetsuits to suit every swim style and budget so that every athlete’s individual needs can be met. Orca is made by triathletes, for triathletes.

Having received requests from women who could not find a comfortable and suitable wetsuit size to fit their bodies, Orca created a pattern from scratch, specifically for women. A design that caters to the female form, respecting its morphological characteristics, with the result of improved performance and comfort.

Dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to enjoy the ocean confidently, the brand began the process of developing new sizes that could satisfy users who, until now, could not find their perfect wetsuit. 

For competitive female triathletes, Orca has created XST (extra small tall) and ST (small tall) sizes. These sizes were developed with the guidance of professional triathletes including BMC Pro-athlete Chelsea Sodaro and Emma Pallant-Browne.

When it came to the creation of these suits, one thing was overtly clear, a full breadth of sizes needed to be created – and this included height-inclusive sizing too! This offers support and comfort to taller triathletes and ultimately, enables them to perform better.

For leisure open-water swimmers, Orca also launched the MW and the LW, further broadening their sizing range and ensuring, whatever your body type, you can be assured of a fit that offers both performance and comfort.

Swimwear designed to build confidence

“You don’t have to be a triathlete, an elite athlete or have a super athletic body,” says Estibaliz Pozo, from ‘Orca Maris’, a group of women who meet weekly to swim together. “Anyone at any age can swim in the sea, have fun, get strong and laugh a little,” she says. 

Thanks to this shared philosophy, and after several members of this group had difficulty finding their wetsuit size, Orca decided to work with them, testing different samples in real conditions for several weeks, with the goal of developing the ultimate women’s wetsuit.

Orca Maris swimmer Patricia Ibáñez says: “It is absolutely necessary to expand the sizes since we are all very different. If you are not comfortable in your wetsuit, you can’t enjoy yourself as much, because when a suit is too tight or does not fit, it’s uncomfortable, even leading to chafing.

“I have dealt with this, in fact. I had to buy a neoprene collar so that my skin would not get raw.”

Find the right fit for you

Wearing a correctly fitting wetsuit is a crucial factor in your overall performance. Head of product innovation at Orca, Ander López, says: “After so many years in the industry, we have developed a wide knowledge base that helps us to be able to manufacture and test different prototypes until we create the best products on the market.” 

Here are three key things to consider in terms of sizing: 

  1. Chest: This is the first measurement to factor in as the fit of the chest largely determines the comfort of your swim stroke.  
  2. Height: This determines the wetsuit’s fit for your arms and legs, as well as in the torso. 
  3. Weight: Lastly, your weight will also impact chest and height measurements.

If you are unsure of your size, it’s certainly worth taking a look at Orca’s handy sizing chart for reference.

Unique designs made to last

All Orca wetsuits are made from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene – the performance of this neoprene, which is produced from limestone, is totally unmatched.

Its elastic properties are superior to that of any other type of neoprene, feeling fluid and elastic while surfing. Its weight and density improve thermal insulation, resulting in a light and comfy suit.

The beauty of Orca’s women’s wetsuits is that they are designed with patterns specific to the female body, which improves both performance and comfort.

A better fit allows the materials to function in their optimal elasticity ranges, and as the wetsuit fits closer to the skin water is prevented from entering, improving overall thermal insulation and hydrodynamics.

Swimwear for all triathletes

Orca Lab always strives to be at the very forefront with one clear objective: to offer triathletes the tools they need to reach their full potential, whether that is to excel in sports performance or gain greater enjoyment and comfort in the water.

Once the design of the inclusive wetsuit was achieved, the prototype is verified to meet the established requirements, tested for proper fit and put through the relevant field tests.

Orca Maris swimmer Estibaliz Pozo commented: “I am delighted, I feel privileged. Due to my build, my previous suit was bought in the men’s section as there was no size for me in women’s. So, for me, it has been wonderful. I have no difficulty putting it on and it fits perfectly to my body. It gives me total buoyancy and freedom in the sea.” 


Discover Orca’s collection here or contact info@orca.com to receive advice from their product experts.