Training plans: Mobility, flexibility, core & strength

Suspension training exercises to improve your mobility, flexibility and strengthen your core

Mobility, flexibility, core & strength training exercises from TRX / Team Freespeed

Want to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility but short on gym equipment and space?


Ex-Navy Seal Randy Hetrick often found himself in just that position, and came up with a series of bodyweight exercises using a unique training harness (originally made out of parachute webbing).

Hetrick says suspension training gives athletes an edge over conventional strength training as it “builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once”.

The company he founded, TRX, has partnered up with UK triathlon squad Team Freespeed to share some of their most effective exercises for triathletes.

Don’t forget – you can find lots more free triathlon training plans on the 220 Triathlon website, including sprint distance, Olympic distance and Ironman.

Download TRX / Team Freespeed’s Mobility & Core Exercises

Download TRX / Team Freespeed’s Core Specific Exercises

Download TRX / Team Freespeed’s Flexibility Exercises


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