Beginner 12-week training plan

Are you a beginner, training for your first sprint triathlon with 4-6hrs a week to spare? Then this free 12-week sprint-distance triathlon training plan might help

Free, downloadable, sprint distance triathlon training plan

The thought of taking part in a triathlon can be quite daunting whatever distance you choose. It can be easy to be intimidated by the seriously-fit looking athletes, and feel completely inadequate.


But remember whatever race you do there will be faster and slower athletes out there, and all will have strengths and weaknesses. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re last or first, it’s about the experience and having a go. This sport is for everyone, particularly at supersprint and sprint distance triathlons, and it is ok to wing it. There’s plenty of time to get serious in your second or third season or perhaps never; it’s up to you.

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Having said that following a triathlon training plan can really help you focus and raise your confidence as race-day gets nearer, knowing you have done the groundwork.

So if you decide to taking the plunge and train for your first sprint triathlon, this 12-week sprint-distance triathlon training plan will help power you to the finish line. To stick to this training schedule you will need to put aside 4-6hrs a week to train.

For lots more advice pick up a copy of 220 Triathlon magazine or head to the website’s Triathlon training plans section.

The print edition of 220 is available in all good newsagents, while the digital edition is available via the iTunes store, Google Play and Zinio.


(Image: Jonny Gawler)

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