Free 12-month Ironman training plan

Been inspired to attempt your first full Ironman-distance race but unsure where to start? Well you won't go too far wrong with Dermott Hayes' 12-month Ironman training plan...

Free 12 month Ironman training plan

By giving yourself a year to train for your first long-distance triathlon, you can increase your training load and intensity gradually without putting your body under too much stress.


It also means you’re far less likely to get injured so you can really reap the rewards come Ironman race-day.

Ironman base training

The first phase of your Ironman training should be about building a solid base. A good solid base for Ironman is crucial to laying down the foundations for the season ahead. It’ll also ensure your body is in the best shape possible for when it comes to starting the intensive training phase.

Download your 6-month Ironman base training plan here: 

Ironman race training

Once you’ve come through the base stage it’s time to intensify your training. With bricks, race-pace efforts, open-water swims and the tapering period, this next 6-month Ironman training plan will take you up to your big Ironman race day in optimum condition.

Download your next 6-month Ironman training plan here: 


Below is a perceived exertion chart that is referred to in the plan: