What is the running kinetic chain?

Scott Findlay explains what the running kinetic chain is, how it works and why it's important

Credit: Getty Images

 As with any chain, everything is connected and any one link can have an effect on the next. In our kinetic chain the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons work together to help the body move. Then a series of small movements add up to make one larger movement. For example the muscles tense to lift the leg off the ground, the ankle joint flexes to allow toe-off, the knee joint bends to allow knee drive, the knee extends to stretch the leg forward and so on.


It’s incredibly important for not only the whole body to be strong but each individual link. When we run, our kinetic chain supports the body by propelling us forward and supporting our weight when we land. One way to improve the chain’s strength is to complete functional strength movements that incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time. Regular stretching also keeps the body limber and allows it to work as intended.

What muscles do you use when running?