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Should I include double run days in my triathlon training?

Wondering what the benefits of scheduling double run days into your training programme are and how often you should include them? Tri coach Joe Beer explains all

Double run days are a great way to boost technique, learn how to deal with fatigue and develop a smoother run style

I’m a big fan of the double run day and would advise including one a week into your schedule. The benefits depend on your race distance, but can include stimulating run adaptations at gene-level, learning to run with fatigue and feeling smoother when running. Try these:

Sprint/standard distance AM and PM 30-40mins. These small chunks of time are easier to crow-bar into routines. Both are relaxed in the off-season, but with skills drills in the PM session. In-season: AM is real easy, PM is 4 x 4mins around threshold or just above.

Middle distance AM steady, 40-60mins; PM during off-season is either time on your feet with slightly tired legs or skills/above race-pace accelerations for 16-30 strides. In-season, include 3 x 1-mile at Olympic race pace.

Long distance AM 60-90mins steady; PM 50-70mins using a treadmill, running at target Ironman pace.

In the off-season, add in some deep-water running (DWR) and swimming, e.g. AM 1hr swim + DWR; PM 40mins steady run outdoors with relaxed 16-stride acceleration every 6mins.

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