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Find out what your body is telling you about your state of health, diet, training and lifestyle and make sure you are ready for the season ahead by checking out your baseline biometrics with InDurance blood profiling. ADVERTISING FEATURE


InDurance blood profiling will help you make targeted changes based on your own metabolic data to help get the best out of yourself for the new season. And see below to find out how you can save money on your purchases.


Why would I use blood profiling?

1. You owe it to yourself – if your body isn’t firing properly all those hours of training could be getting you nowhere

2. You are preparing for the season, a big race or training camp – InDurance blood profile reports make targeted recommendations that could make the difference to your ability to perform on the day

3. Supplements are expensive – so targeting your vitamins and other supplementation makes sense, otherwise you are just guessing!

4. You constantly feel tired, low or unmotivated – then it suggests that something might be wrong, maybe with your training, recovery, nutrition, physiology or a combination of these

5. You keep getting ill or injured – then your immune system might be compromised. Overtraining, poor recovery or nutritional issues can all be contributing factors and can often be easily corrected

What clients are saying about indurance ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

‘Having used InDurance blood profiling it has really helped me improve the quality of my training by taking out the guesswork of what supplements I need and don’t need’

‘People often ignore their body and only take measures when it’s not working properly. They spend £000’s on different pieces of equipment to try to make themselves go faster when the problem is actually inside them’

‘My experience from start to finish has been seamless, personal and invaluable. I know I’m healthy on the inside with my regular InDurance tests and have never been healthier’ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

InDurance offers two types of blood sampling:

1. Picos which require a small self-sample, and test for one or two specific biomarkers so are great if you know what you want to test for.

2. Profiles which require a sample taken by a health professional and provide analysis across a range of key biomarkers selected because they are important to endurance athletes. Our Baseline Plus profile tests across our full range, but our baseline and TT profiles also offer broad testing as well.

InDurance also provides optional online video consultations with a sports medic so you can discuss any health related issues including nutrition, motivation or anything that is of concern, or even the results of your blood profiling in more detail.​ ​ ​ ​ ​



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