How Lucy Charles-Barclay fuels her races

A month ago Lucy Charles-Barclay stormed round Challenge Roth to win convincingly. Here, in her own words, is how she fuels her long-distance events

Lucy Charles on her way to victory at Challenge Roth 2019. Photo: Roth


So the night before a race its all about fairly plain carbs, keep it simple like pasta and cut the fibre out. On the morning of a race I will have porridge a little toast and a cup of tea again to get some carbs in and its what I am used to training and racing on.


I will always drink an electrolytes bottle before the race start and sometimes take a sports gel as well, and always half to a full can of Red Bull for focus and caffeine hit.

 The race

During the race I aim to consume 60-70g of carbohydrates an hour usually in the form of energy bars and energy drink and this will depend a little on the official race nutrition sponsor. I aim to drink ¾ bottles of electrolight over the course of the bike ride to keep my hydration topped up and for the first 3 hours of the bike solid carb such as energy bars I do lie a snickers

On to the run course and I am still trying to maintain the 60/70g carb intake per hour through Red Bull water mix drink and energy gels with my electrolight levels being topped up with isotonic drinks.


After the race the recovery process begins but usually in anti-doping so water at first and once this formality is cleared I with often have protein shake, at least 1 can of Red bull, and pizza is my favorite post race reward.