5 foods that… help fuel very long bike rides

Fuel your long bike rides with these 5 foods tucked in your pockets or rucksack




A concentrated source of natural sugar, as well as being packed with nutrients that help to convert sugar into readily available energy. Goji berries are easy to transport and are the perfect natural sugar hit for flagging energy levels.


Coconut water contains an ideal balance of electrolyte minerals, making it a perfect hydration drink for long, hot workouts. For added carbohydrate and antioxidants, mix with pomegranate or dark grape juice.

Why are coconuts good for you and how do they help your sports performance?


A concentrated source of calories, higher in energy-giving carbohydrate than most nuts and lower in fat. Cashews are an excellent source of protein and magnesium, too, so provide great all-round nutrition for long training sessions.


An easy and convenient way to consume carb-rich oats when out training. Oatcakes also contain small amounts of sodium, helping to replace the salts lost in sweat, as well as a little protein and some B vitamins – perfect for sustained energy.



A root vegetable (usually in ground powder form) that helps to increase energy, strength and endurance. Maca is a powerful adaptogen, meaning it can balance and stabilise the body’s function and biological systems.