Sub-1hr brick session: Team work

A fun beginner-level bike-run session to do with training partners

(Credit: Romilly Lockyer)

BRAT’s senior coach Russ Hall provides a fun bike-run session that you can do with training partners, no matter their ability. 


This can be done any time with some forethought to set up the equipment and devise the run course. Having coaches present means the equipment isn’t left unattended. It could also be completed indoors with a spin bike and treadmill.

For this session you’ll need: run shoes, bike shoes, comfortable kit to bike and run in.

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Team work


10mins on turbos – set up in a circle with coach in centre if with a club.

Main session

30mins. You’ve got a choice of:

a) Brick session relay completed in pairs. One runs 1km loop while other rides turbo trainer; or

b) Individual takes on 6min turbo/6min run/4min turbo/4min run/3min turbo/ 3min run/2min turbo/2min run


10min easy group jog.

Main benefits

Performance benefits

This versatile group session can be used to build speed and technique for shorter triathlon races, with a focus on the skills required to go from bike to run. Complete it at a reasonably high intensity, close to perceived race pace.

Mental benefits

Here novices and experts can train together, enabling beginners to learn from more experienced athletes.

Pick a scenic spot and use short, lapped runs. Starting and finishing from the turbos means everyone stays together and has fun. The session will be over in a trice.

Physiological benefits

This session helps the body adjust to the ‘jelly- legged’ feeling of running immediately after a bike ride, because you’re repeating the dismount numerous times, effectively turning two separate sports (running and cycling) into one sport.

It also helps the body adapt to mounting the bike after running into and out of T1 after the swim.

Adapt for Ironman

Those looking to go long can simply drop the intensity and up the duration. Tripling the times provides a solid 90min weekend workout.


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