The EagleXman Extreme Triathlon: Italy’s most extreme, long-distance triathlon is born

After racing 220km, athletes will have an arduous final 6km run to the mountain-top finish

eagleXman iron-distance triathlon

Designed to  rival to Italy’s world-famous Elbaman, the EagleXman Extreme Triathlon is an iron-distance event that boasts an eye-watering 6,000m of elevation across the total 226km. Set in the biodiverse, Italian national park of Gran Sasso E Monti Della Laga, competitors will race surrounded by snow-topped mountains, rich vegetation and wildlife. Race organisers Flipper Triathlon ASD and Sport For You Ltd will start the inaugural race at dawn on 31 July 2021 from Lake Campotosto. The finish line is set above the Gran Sasso massif at the alpine meadow of Campo Imperatore, known as a highlight of the Giro d’Italia.


Race Format

Athletes set off at dawn for the two-lap 3.8km swim in picturesque Lago di Campotosto, situated 1,200m above sea level. They then jump on their bikes for a 180km ride alongside the foot of the Gran Sasso, past Castel del Monte and through the Italian towns of Ofena and Calascio, with a total elevation gain of 4344m. The course then takes runners on two laps from Fonte Cerreto to San Pietro Della Lenca, before sending them up the mountain to Campo Imperatore for a brutal final 6km. This final stretch must be run accompanied and all athletes must carry with them survival and bad-weather gear. Thanks to the mountainous setting, the total elevation gain on the run across 42.2km is almost 2,000m. The race will have cut-off times of 2h for the swim, after a total of 14h for the bike and 24h to finish all three disciplines.


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