Isle of Man pioneers

Sign up to this June's IOM TT and you'll be part of tri folklore

The TT Triathlon on the Isle of Man has launched the “Pioneer Program” for the inaugural race on June 30th 2013. This will cover both the short-course and the long-course editions of the race.


The Pioneer Concept is designed to reward those who take the leap and come and race this new event rather than stay with the same old traditional races.

Richard Wallace, Race Director of TT Triathlon, explains the concept: “The Isle of Man is really uncharted territory as far as world triathlon goes and we looked for a way to encourage the athletes to make the leap and join us for this fantastic race.”

“Like all Pioneers, the TT Triathlon Pioneers, will be richly rewarded with one of the most stunning locations for a race in the world and get the chance to race over the incredible TT Mountain Course. As well as this, those who support us in year one will never be forgotten and will go down into TT Triathlon history. They will always be a part of this race and welcomed back always.”

In the history of triathlon, races have traditionally started with a few brave souls who dared to do what no other person would. They took a chance, whether through choice or as a result of an animated discussion. TT Triathlon seeks to bring the excitement and spirit back to triathlon.

Richard continues, “Whilst the race may be new, the team behind it comprises some of the most experienced names in long-course racing in the UK and a vast wealth of experience at a wide variety of venues and locations. I am glad that I have been able to put together a team, who have embraced this concept and look forward to delivering the race that the athletes want and deserve.”

So sign up for the race now and you'll always be guaranteed a slot at future TT Triathlons.


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