December 2016

Ali and Jonny Brownlee Q&A, 20 lessons from Kona 2016, meet the Hartree JETS tri squad, performance news and all the latest tri gear


20 Kona lessons: Highlights from the 2016 Ironman Worlds… and what you can learn from them


Elite Q&A: Rio heroes Ali and Jonny Brownlee take your questions

Scottish power: We meet the UK’s most successful tri club, the HBC Jets in Edinburgh, and the man leading them to world AG domination.

Performance: The latest sports-science research, including glycogen-depleted training; how to avoid weight gain, importance of marathon training, strength building and big gear – low cadence sessions.


Test centre: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available: swimsuits, bike jackets and base layers grouptests; three bikes – the Planet X EX03, Scott Contessa Speedmaster 15 and Specialized Vence Vias – get in-depth reviews; all the latest tri gear tested.