April 2018

Highlights include: 14 Ironman training hacks, 12-week Ironman training plan, ultimate guide to improving your run technique, and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed including race wheels and three of the best £500 road bikes.


14 Ironman training hacks: considering an Ironman but worried you’re not up to it? Silence those inner demons and train smart with this guide to taking the stress out of going long.


Fitter, stronger, faster: the ultimate guide to improving your run technique

12-week Ironman PB training plan: want to go faster in your next Ironman? Hell yes! Follow our 12-week plan and destroy the long-distance competition in 2018

Eat right, train strong: Kate Percy provides three health boosting meal recipes

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; race wheels, two-piece tri-suits, and women run tights get grouptests; three £500 road bike go head-to-head, and all the latest tri gear tested.

Ask the man: Six-time Ironman world champ Dave Scott explains how to split up your training week, plus our panel of experts come to your multisporting rescue


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