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What’s the BOA system?

BOA's innovative wiring system is found on run trainers, bike shoes and helmets, and is designed to provide micro-adjustments for the perfect fit. Here are the three key parts

What’s the BOA Dial?

The all-important ratchet to tighten your footwear. But not all dials are the same. Softer trail shoes demand a smaller dial allowing more precision. Other options include different placings for the dials, multiple dials on one shoe and quick-release dials that pop out to loosen more quickly, or on impact to prevent damage.

How do the BOA laces work?

The steel used for the lacing system comes in different strengths and flexibilities. A typical lace for a cycling shoe might be made up of seven bundles of seven strands of high tensile steel. Laces might also have exposed steel or be wrapped in textile for ease of cleaning or prevent them being abrasive to the soft uppers of a more
delicate shoe.

What are the BOA Guides?

These are the lace loops designed to provide an even closure of the shoe when the lace is tightened. They come in many different guises depending on functionality and brand design, but the important aspect is that they’re tested for strength as part of the shoe. The system is only as strong as its weakest link, so the sewing or bonding of the guides on to the shoe’s upper is critical.

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