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Best anti-chafing cream for triathletes in 2023

We explain why a good anti-chafing cream is really worth the investment and share the best anti-chafing creams for running, swimming and cycling

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It happens to the best of us, that painful chafe you didn’t see coming that takes weeks to heal. Whether it’s from an extra-tight piece of sports kit, a misbehaving wetsuit, or skin rubbing together.

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With the right knowledge, tools, and a bit of foresight, painful chafing can be easily avoided, leaving you to enjoy your training in peace.

How can I stop my inner thighs rubbing when I run?

Inner thigh chafe can be a very painful and sometimes embarrassing issue. This normally happens when you swap the running tights for light-weight shorts to keep cool during those summer runs. What you don’t bank on happening is your thighs rubbing together and making you even hotter. This issue can happen to runners of any size, as it’s largely genetics and body-type that determines whether your thighs rub together when you run.

The friction caused can irritate the skin, making it inflamed and sore, and may even sideline your run training if you’re caught unawares. Luckily, we have a solution for you! Anti-friction creams and anti-chafing sticks and balms can be a life-saver to keep you sporting your favourite run shorts all season. Simply apply a generous amount to the area that rubs, whether that’s the thighs, around tight clothing like sports bra straps, under arms, or even on the nipples.

Is Vaseline good for chafing?

You may ask, ‘why can’t I just use vaseline and save some money?’ Though ultimately the choice is yours, there’s a number of reasons why obtaining a specialist anti-chafe product is beneficial. Firstly, though classed as a lubricant, Vaseline can actually encourage chafing in some cases as it provides an extra layer of friction between your skin and/or the rubbing clothing article.

Vaseline also is not as long lasting as specific anti-chafing creams or balms, and you’ll likely need to reapply more frequently. If your aim is to avoid rhino neck from wetsuit chafing, go for a balm or cream since Vaseline is petroleum-based and destroys the adhesive on wetsuit seams and will likely void any warranty a wetsuit may have.

For more anti-chafing products, check out the best wetsuit lubes.

Best anti-chafing cream in the UK 2023

Best anti-chafing cream for runners and swimmers

Zone3 Natural Glide

If you don’t like getting your hands messy with thick creams, there are plenty of roll-on anti-chafing creams for runners and swimmers around. The Zone3 Natural Glide Anti-Chafing Balm offers water-resistant qualities, so it’s designed to help with rubbing wetsuits.

You could say it’s a bit of an all-rounder, as you can use it for a number of sports including running, hiking and kayaking, so it’s sure to come in useful for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Made with shea butter, Vitamin E and carnauba wax, the balm is easy to apply and aims to protect against chafing and inflammation.

Body Glide

It’s been around for yonks, but Body Glide is an ever-popular favourite with triathletes as it’s water resistant and neoprene safe. It’s designed to be used by runners, as well as being easily applicable for wetsuit users. You can use this anti-chafing stick to help prevent sports bra irritation, and you can even use it on your feet, so it’s a handy product to have to hand.

Just apply to skin before your sporting activity, or before you get changed, and you’re ready to go. Thanks to the neat container, you can easily chuck it in your kit bag and use on the move.

Aptonia Anti-Friction Stick

  • £4.99

For a budget option, try Aptonia’s Anti-Friction Stick, which aims to protect against overheating from rubbing and blisters while doing sports. This anti-chafing cream is designed for use on a range of areas including underarms, nipples and feet so it’s a versatile product.

Buy the Aptonia Anti-friction Stick now from Decathlon

HUUB Triathlon Anti-Chafing Lube

HUUB’s anti-chafing lube aims to help prevent skin from rubbing and becoming cracked and irritated. It’s designed to be used on the run for clothing or under wetsuits to speed up transition.

Best anti-chafing cream for cyclists

Muc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois Cream

We’re a long-time user of the Muc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois Cream, which is anti-bacterial and pleasant-smelling. This large 250ml tub should keep you going for a while.

Premax Women’s Chamois Cream

We also like the Premax Women’s Chamois Cream, which is pH balanced and includes ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree and lavender, among others.

Check out the Premax men’s version on Amazon for £24.99.

Udderly Smooth

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Udderly Smooth has been around for donkey’s years with their anti-chafing chamois cream with shea butter. It has a thick texture, but shouldn’t be too greasy when applied.