Top-end triathlon wetsuits: 4 features to look for in a high quality suit

Once you move up in price point some serious tech starts appearing in any prospective triathlon wetsuit purchase. Here are four features that a high quality wetsuit should include

Credit: The Secret Studio

1. Catch panels

The fabric on your suit’s forearm will often have a texture designed to help you ‘catch’ the water and  get more speed per stroke. Besides helping you ‘feel’ the water, thinner materials on the sleeves also make them more flexible and easier to remove.

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2. Chest panel

Many top-end suits have a panel of thinner, more flexible neoprene in the chest. This panel enables the suit to stretch more easily helping you reach further with every stroke and allowing you to get as much air as possible into your lungs.

3. Shoulders

Freedom of movement around the shoulders is vital in a wetsuit so you can turn your arms over quickly and easily. You need as much of your ‘normal’ movement range as possible so many wetsuits build in more flexible material around the shoulders to help.

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4. Buoyancy

Saving your legs for the bike and run ahead is key for triathletes of all levels. If your lower body tends to sink in the water then a wetsuit with thicker (up to 5mm is race-legal), more buoyant neoprene in the legs can help you hold your legs higher and facilitate your kick.

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