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Best nose clips for swimming

Fed up of having water go up your nose while swimming? Sounds like you need a nose clip...

Woman using nose clips for swimming

Whether or not you use nose clips while you swim is a matter of personal preference, but they can offer some benefits to swimmers when using them.


Many athletes use nose clips as they can help prevent water travelling up your nose and allow you to purely focus on just breathing through your mouth. Other benefits include helping you avoid developing sinus infections.

What are nose clips?

Essentially, nose clips are exactly what the name suggests. They’re clips that you can tag onto your nose. They subsequently pinch your nostrils together, preventing water from finding its way into your nose.

What makes good nose clips?

Look out for durable nose clips that don’t look like they’ll break after your first session. Key features to go for are soft, silicone nose pads to avoid uncomfortable pinching and bruising on the nose, and a strong clip that doesn’t easily stretch out of shape.

Some athletes also like to sport clips that are the same colour as their skin tone for a more discreet look.

Here, we round up some of the best nose clips for swimming based on our own personal experiences, in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Best nose clips for swimming  

Speedo Competition Nose Clip 

For those with fair skin, the Speedo Competition Nose Clip shouldn’t stand out when on thanks to the choice of a grey or beige colourway. That means if you’re looking for a more discreet look, this could be a good option for you.

It has soft silicone pads that are designed to maximise comfort, while a stainless steel frame is said to provide a secure fit throughout your swim. This nose clip from Speedo also comes with a reuseable case so you don’t lose it when you’re packing it away after your swim sessions.

Aquasphere Aquastop Nose Clip 

Complete with a clear carry case to keep them safe, the Aquastop nose clip is made from soft silicone pads and claims to have an ergonomic design, equalling comfort in the water.

Nike Training Aids Nose Clip 

Part of the Nike ‘Training aids’ range, this nose clip has a low profile and an ‘engineered design’ which aims to prevent pressure building on the bridge of the nose. Soft silicone pads should help make the clips comfortable when in use.

Arena Nose Clip Pro 

This popular nose clip from Arena comes in three colours – black, pink and blue – so you can even match your swimsuit and hat to your clips if that’s your jam. The clip design uses ‘an organically shaped memory plastic frame’ for a more personalised and comfortable fit.

Zoggs Nose Clip 

Prone to misplacing your nose clips at the pool or around the house? This Zoggs nose clip comes with its very carry case, so you’ll be less likely to find yourself in a situation where you’re desperately rummaging through your bag in the changing rooms before a swim.

They’re also made from clear flexible plastic, which Zoggs say should fit most noses, and have silicone pads that are designed to deliver high levels of comfort. The pads come in a deep blue colour, so they’re not going to be the most discreet of options.


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