How to choose the right TT/tri helmet

Sponsored: Joining the range alongside MET's Drone, the Codatronca is a new short tail model with the same wide body construction. Which one right for you?


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The Science

When it comes to aerodynamics, you need to look at the bigger picture. That’s what MET discovered when it first created the wide body Drone helmet. Rather than going for the most minimal profile possible, they discovered that with a wider construction it was possible to drive air out and around the shoulders of the rider, giving a greater aerodynamic performance. And, if the rider stays low and disciplined, that’s when they’ll get the most benefit from a helmet like the Drone.

What if you want a more comfortable ride without compromising on performance? That’s where the highly versatile MET Codatronca comes in, the new addition to the MET range. With its short tail design, it allows you to move more freely but still turn in a good time.

The Ride

The helmet you choose also has a lot to do with the terrain you’ll be encountering on your ride. If the MET Drone achieves the optimum performance in a straight line, the MET Codatronca is more efficient on a twisty road or when tackling crosswinds, all conditions you might find in time trial stages. For Triathlon athletes, Codatronca has something special for you too – the Fidlock® magnetic buckle and dual shield will ensure a faster transition, saving you precious seconds.

The Fit

Performance is important, but comfort is crucial too. Thanks to the wide body construction featured in both helmets, there’s more room for your ears – so you’ll feel pleasantly protected without feeling claustrophobic. And with a broad field of vision – even broader with the new design of the Codatronca magnetic shield – your eyes will have a greater focus with no unwanted restrictions. The signature three low drag inlets of the Drone are also present on the Codatronca, channelling the air to avoid overheating – and this new model also features the Safe-t-Orbital, a retention system which is fully adjustable.

The Choice

Before choosing between two aero helmets like the MET Drone or MET Codatronca, ask yourself these questions:

What type of course will you tackle: hilly, straight, with possible crosswinds?

What position do you adopt on your bike and can you maintain it for a long distance?

Are you looking for a versatile helmet or a very specialist one?


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