How to fit new cleats onto your bike shoes

Nik Cook explains the best way of fitting new cleats onto your bike shoes


Before fitting new cleats to your shoes, use a fine pointed permanent marker to draw round the old ones so that your set-up remains the same. Remove the cleats and give the soles and bolt holes a really good clean.


Look at the bolts of your new cleats, if they’ve got some blue thread lock on, carry on with installation. If not, get yourself a bottle of Loctite® 242 and apply. It’ll give a bit of added security and extra peace of mind.

Install the cleats, you don’t need to go mad tightening them or you risk stripping the threads. If you’re using a torque wrench, 5-6Nm is about all you need.

Once installed, check your cleat bolts regularly and minimise unnecessary stress and wear. Don’t walk about in them excessively and, if you think you may be forced to, consider popping some cleat covers in your jersey pockets.

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