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Best bike rack deals in 2022

Keep your bike safely strapped to your car with our pick of the best bike rack deals

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If you’re travelling to a competition or just want to hit up a different spot to vary your training, a bike rack can make transporting your bike much easier, and helps you avoid damaging your car’s interior. 


From roof racks that rely on suction cups to boot shelves with sturdy straps, we’ve put together our top recommendations below to make sure your pride and joy arrives safely and in one piece.

Before you invest in a bike rack it’s worth considering the different styles that are available, with each providing specific benefits over the other.

Types of bike racks

Roof racks

Roof racks are especially handy as they keep the bikes well out of the way, which means you’re not taking up extra space on the road, or making parking tricky if you’re in a tight spot. One thing to watch out for though is height restrictions under low bridges or multi-storey carparks.


Although they take up more space on the road, it’s well worth investing in this style if you have multiple bikes that need to be transported. In our list below we’ve included a tow bar that can carry up to four bikes at one time, which is perfect if you want to swap your gear or are travelling with friends and family.

Trunk mount

Keep things safe and sturdy with a trunk mount. This type of bike rack tends to rely on a strap based system, which is ideal if you want to use it on different cars or take it off quickly and easily.

Best bike rack deals in 2022

Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Keep your bike firmly strapped to the back of your car with this deluxe trunk mounted rack from Allen Sports. As it comes fully assembled, the brand says it takes just seconds to attach to the back of your car, using single straps to secure your bike in place. 

Thanks to its versatile design it should fit a variety of vehicles, from hatchbacks and saloons, as well as larger cars like SUVs or minivans, but it’s worth double checking their compatibility guide to make sure it works for your model. 

The rack also comes with padding that’s designed to ensure there are no scratches or damage to your car when it’s in use.

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Halfords 4-Bike Towbar Mounted Bike Rack

If you’re looking to securely transport multiple bikes, this towbar rack from Halfords can hold up to four at one time, with a load capacity of 60kg. 

It has adjustable padding that’s designed to allow you to make sure your bikes are fitting snugly and limit the risk of them falling off mid-journey, and thanks to the trailer-style design, this means your roof is still fully free to carry a roof box for any additional items. 

Thule FreeRide Roof Mounted Bike Carrier

If you’d prefer to store your bike on the top of your car to make travel as simple as possible, this roof mounted carrier from respected brand Thule may be your best bet. 

The brand says this bike carrier has a universal fit, which means it should be able to latch onto most car types, and can hold one bike at a time.

It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that this is just the rack, so you’ll need to invest in a fitting kit and load carrier bar to ensure you have everything you need to transport your bike safely.  

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Halfords 3 Bike Rear Mounted Bike Rack

If you have three bikes you need to store alongside your vehicle, this rear mounted rack may be the ideal solution. It can hold a maximum weight of 45kg although this must be spread evenly across three bikes at a maximum of 15kg each. 

It includes side straps to help ensure the rack doesn’t budge in transit and rubber inserts that are said to stop any scratches and damage to your vehicle. 

Although parts of this have already been assembled, the brand estimates it will take around 15 minutes to complete the rack and attach it to your vehicle. 

Rockbros Suction Bike Rack

Relying on suction cups instead of a conventional strapped mount, this bike rack from Rockbros is designed to hold your bike firmly in place. Available in a selection of colours, each denotes the amount of bikes they can hold, with the red storing one while the black can transport three. 

The suckers are made from rubber, which means they shouldn’t cause any marks or damage to the surface of your car, according to the brand, and they have quick release buttons so they can be removed with ease.

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Thule 970 Xpress 2 Bike Towbar Rack

Designed to be especially compact, the 970 Thule Xpress towbar rack can save on space while storing up to two bikes.

Conveniently placed on the boot of your vehicle, it features frame holders that are designed to tightly secure your bikes and is made with a soft material to protect them from any damage. 

It’s said to be able to load up to 30kg at one time and can even be locked securely to your car thanks to the padlock slot. Once you’re done it can also be folded away to save on storage space. 

SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2 Bike Fork Mount Rack

Taking pride in their durability, this robust rack from SeaSucker can store two bikes at a time, with little risk of it coming loose from your car, according to the brand. This is because the suckers boast 210lbs of pull through each suction cup. 

The rack has been designed with a compact and ergonomic structure, aiming to match the curves of your car for a sleek fit.


As the rack is made from a lightweight but high-density polyethene, this shouldn’t add too much additional weight to your vehicle either, coming in at just 12lbs.