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Best bike cleaning kits for a full wash

Give your bike a dazzling finish with a complete bike cleaning kit

Bike Cleaning Kits

A bike cleaning kit can work wonders, providing you with everything you need to deep clean your bike. They’re often designed to include all of the essentials, with dedicated cleaners and brushes for different parts of the frame.


We previously rounded up our top picks of the best bike cleaners, but this shortlist will exclusively cover complete cleaning kits. So, read on for our selection of the best bicycle cleaning kits out there. Choices have been made based on value, in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Best bike cleaning kits to buy in 2022

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off has become a massive name in the bicycle cleaning game, with various bike-care products receiving consistently positive reviews. The brand’s Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit brings together some of Muc-Off’s most popular items that can provide a complete, deep clean for your bike.

Bike cleaner, bike protect, wet lube and drivetrain cleaner are included, as well as a range of brushes and cloths that are designed specifically for different parts of the bike. This all comes in a handy carry box, with different compartments to keep it all organised.

Halfords Bike Cleaning Kit

Halfords has become known for offering affordable alternatives to the products sold by big brands. The retailer’s bicycle cleaning kit is no different, providing all of the basics needed to get the job done. You’ll find a bike cleaner, degreaser and spray lube among a variety of sponges and brushes.

Peaty’s Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

The team at Peaty’s collected their best bike cleaning products and packaged them all into a convenient carry case made from 100% recycled plastic. You’ll get a litre of Loam Foam, as well as 500ml Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser and 60ml all-weather link lube. There’s also a removable parts tray to hold the cloth and brushes while you’re cleaning.

Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe Set

This kit from Green Oil is worth considering if you’re looking for something more environmentally friendly. The formulas used in this set have been developed to prioritise sustainability – the chain lube, for example, promises to last in excess of 100 miles per application while also being biodegradable.

Both the degreaser and bicycle cleaner are biodegradable and made from 100% natural ingredients. The tub itself is recyclable, but if you wanted to get another use out of it, Green Oil include a pack of seeds! So you can fill the tub with compost and watch them grow.

Tru-Tension Cycle Clean & Lube Bundle

If you’ve got your own cleaning apparatus, and you’re only on the lookout for some cleaning formulas, this kit from Tru-Tension includes bike cleaner, drivetrain cleaner and all-weather lube. The Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner and the Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner are designed to be coupled together to give your bike a sparkling finish.

Weldtite Dirtwash Performance Clean & Lube Kit

With a sprocket brush, a sponge, a bike cleaner and two lubes, this cleaning kit from Weldtite has all the essentials you need to freshen up your bike.

Fenwicks Essential Bike Cleaning and Lubrication Kit


Fenwick promises that its biodegradable bike cleaner is safe to use all types of bike frame, thanks to the formula being free from solvents and acids. The concentrated bike cleaner can be diluted with water to make another litre once the first bottle has run out, while an environmentally-friendly chain lube is also included and is said to be ideal for everyday use.