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Best bike phone mount deals

Looking for a way to securely attach your phone to your bike for navigation? Here's a round up of different types of bike phone mounts you could consider...

Woman cycling while using a bike phone mount

If you don’t want to splash out on a GPS bike computer and feel that your phone would be more than up to the task instead, you’re probably going to need a bike phone mount. Here are seven you may want to consider.


The best bike phone mounts in 2022

Quad Lock Bike Kit 

With a claim of being ‘the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount on the market’, the Quad Lock aims to impress with its patented dual-stage lock system and sleek, minimal design. The mount is fixed to the bike, much like that of a bike computer, and the phone case is compatible to the mount, slotting onto it like a puzzle piece.

When on the Quad Lock product webpage, you can choose a case that matches your phone size and select your preferred type of mount. You can choose either this out-front or stem mount, with the additional option of a clear TPU phone protector ‘poncho’ to protect the phone from mud and dust when on the fly.

These products can also be bought separately, rather than as a bundle.

Topeak Ridecase and Stem Mount

  • From £20

A similar concept to the Quad Lock, the Topeak Ridecase is a smartphone case that’s available in a range of sizes and has a slot forged into the back of the case which allows the phone to then be slipped into compatible Topeak mounts. The case is a polymer/rubber exoskeleton, which Topeak claims is “scratch-resistant” and “non-slip’, and has an integrated flip stand for extra functionality as a phone case.

Topeak offers mounts for running armbands, cars, motorcycles, and bikes, with the latter being in the form of a stemcap mount. As the name suggests, the stemcap mount is screwed into the stem of the bike. Bear in mind that to have the full bike phone mount set-up, you’ll need to buy both the Topeak Ridecase and a compatible mount separately. Wiggle offers the stemcap mount for £25.00.

Lightinthebox Shockproof Silicone Bike Phone Holder

Primed for smartphones with four to six inch-sized screens, this phone holder can be attached to a bike either horizontally or vertically. Made from silicone, the mount is adjustable and should suit a range of handlebar widths. At such a low price-point, this could be a good option for those looking for navigation on a budget.

Buy the Lightinthebox Shockproof Silicone bike phone holder from Lightinthebox

BTR Silicone Handlebar Phone Mount

Claimed to “fit all phones and bikes”, this BTR silicone phone mount is designed to be easy and simple to attach to your handlebars. It secures your phone via a silicone net that can be wrapped around all four corners of the phone, but doesn’t obstruct your view of the screen when in use, according to the brand.

Due to the flexibility of the silicone and design, BTR claims that this mount can be used for all phones and for a variety of scenarios, including on the bike, pushchair, treadmill or anywhere where there’s a bar for attachment.

Halfords Phone Mount

  • Buy for £10

Suitable for screens sizes of four to six inches, this classic phone mount is made from flexible silicone and uses a silicone belt closure mechanism. How this mount differs from others is that Halfords claims it has 360 degree rotation adjustability, without having to reposition the clamp.

It also has a ‘quick release button closure’ that Halfords says is simple and easy to install for a wide range of smart phones.

BTR Bike Phone Holder

  • Buy for £19.99

For those after a larger bag-style phone mount, this BTR holder can be attached to your handlebar and has a pocket with a large plastic PVC screen that you can zip your phone into. It’s said to be touchscreen compatible too, so you should be able to use your phone while on the move.


It’s made with a built-in sun visor that aims to help reduce reflections on the screen caused by sunny weather. Unlike more streamlined, minimalist holders, this BTR holder has extra storage areas which could prove useful for storing essentials. Claiming to be ‘water resistant’, the bag attaches to handlebars via three fastening straps.