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Best power towers for building strength at home

Supercharge your strength and athleticism from home with this bastion of bodyweight resistance training

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Bodyweight training can improve your functional strength, flexibility and stability.

Mastering simple exercises like the pull-up and dip can make your body more efficient and functional, both as an athlete and in everyday life.

Investing in a power tower is a great way to get access to these benefits from your home. It usually comes in the shape of a sturdy frame with bodyweight stations for the pull-up, dip and push-up integrated.

Opting for this compact piece of kit in your home can be space-efficient, but it can also be cost-efficient. The nature of bodyweight training means there is no need to scale up to heavier weights and equipment, which can be expensive.

Bodyweight training often comes with a quicker learning curve for beginners and adding a resistance band to the pull-up bar can be a great way to master the movement.

If you’re looking to pick up a power tower, we’ve listed our top picks below, which are based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Best power towers in 2024

JX FITNESS Power Tower

jx fitness power tower

JX FITNESS is a company with a long-standing presence in training equipment, running since 1973.

With its five-level adjustable height (from 184-205cm), it aims to cater for the fitness needs of a range of different heights.

The heavy-duty steel tube frame and H-shaped base are said to provide stability and safety during exercises like pull-ups, dips and vertical knee raises.

Ergonomically designed with thick padded back and armrests, this Power Tower also aims to reduce pressure on the spine and elbows, which may help to lower the risk of injuries.

Size: 205cm (h) x 63cm (w) x 104cm (l)
Weight: 29.5kg
Max weight: 200kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station, push-up bars

Sportsroyals Power Tower

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Sportsroyals says its power tower is a versatile and sturdy multi-functional dip station designed to enhance upper body strength.

With its 14-gauge heavy square steel construction, it’s said to support users weighing up to 200kg.

The 110cm extra-long H-shaped base provides eight support points for stability, aiming to provide a secure workout experience.

The ergonomic design features a tilted inward 10-degree arm support, designed to prevent slipping from sweat, and a foam-wrapped hand-grip area for added comfort.

The Power Tower is also adjustable, with a six-level height range (165cm to 225cm) and a seven-level backrest adjustment for support.

Size: ‎223cm x 104cm x 99cm
Weight: 28.12kg
Max weight: 200kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station, push-up bars

York Workout Power Tower

York Workout Power Tower

The York Power Tower’s double-sided design means pull-ups can be completed outside of the dip station, which leaves more room for movement and range of motion.

The tower includes a dip station, pull-up/chin-up station with overhand and underhand grips and a leg raise station with padded upholstery for added comfort and support.

The inclusion of off-the-floor base peg press-up handles can help with push-up depth and development.

Size: 210cm x 59cm x 130cm
Weight: 26kg
Max weight: 120kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station, push-up bars

Corength Roman Training Station

Roman Weight Training Chair - Training Station 900

The Roman Power Tower from Corength by Decathlon offers a construction which can support weights of up to 150kg.

The Training Station 900 features an adjustable backrest and footrest. The non-slip and padded handles for pull-ups and dips claim to provide a secure and comfortable grip during exercises.

Size: 213cm x 116cm x 116cm
Weight: 42.5kg
Max weight: 150kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station

Proform Carbon Power Tower

ProForm Carbon Power Tower

The ProForm Carbon Power Tower features a multi-grip pull-up station, integrated dip station and vertical knee raise station; it allows users to target various muscle groups for a full-body workout.

The square metal tubing can support up to 136kg of weight. The heavily cushioned back and forearm pads, as well as robust non-slip foot support, are designed to offer a stable and secure experience.

Size: 213cm x 118cm x 115cm
Weight: 52kg
Max weight: 136kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station

BodyTrain Power Tower and Weight Bench


The BodyTrain Power Tower combines the functionalities of a power tower and a weight bench.

The bench has barbell holders and can fold away when stored, which may help save some space.

Made from steel with chip-resistant black paint, it claims to provide durability and stability during workouts.

The non-slip feet are designed to protect floors and maintain a secure position.

The padded high-density multi-layer foam cushion and soft non-slip PVC leather covering aim to keep you comfortable while exercising.

Size: 224cm x 66cm x 180cm (bench down)
Weight: 42kg
Max weight: 100kg
Main stations: Pull-up, leg raise, dip station, push-up bars, weight bench

What to look for in a power tower?

Sturdiness and stability

Check the construction materials and design of the power tower to ensure it’s sturdy and stable. Look for heavy-duty steel frames and secure joints to ensure safety during exercises.

Higher maximum weight capacities can be a good signal of build quality and sturdiness.

Exercise stations

Look for a power tower that offers a variety of exercise stations, such as pull-up bars, dip stations and leg raise stations, to provide a full-body workout and target different muscle groups.

Adjustable height

Some power towers come with adjustable heights for the pull-up bars or leg raise stations.

Having adjustable heights can accommodate users of different heights and provide a more comfortable workout experience.

Space and size

Consider the dimensions of the power tower to ensure it fits comfortably in your available space.

If you have limited space, go for a compact and space-saving design, such as a station that features foldaway components.

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