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Best squat racks for home training in 2023

Improve your performance with this staple of resistance training...

Squat racks compilation

Squat racks are essential for anyone that wants to get serious about weight training, and the benefits of such workouts for triathletes are well documented.


If you’re looking to add a squat rack to your home gym set-up, there are a few things to consider.

If you’re short on space, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a squat rack with stand-alone arms instead of a traditional cage structure. If you’re likely to be lifting alone, a rack with spotter arms is your best friend.

It’s worth checking how much the height can be adjusted. Racks can come with a number of hooks to hold the bar, or they can come with “J-hooks” or “J-cups”, hooks that can be moved between holes on the rack.

Another handy addition is storage for weight plates. Many squat racks are fitted with bars that can hold weights for neat storage and easy access.

With this criteria in mind, these are our recommendations for the best squat racks on the market, chosen based on in-depth research and analysis of consumer reviews.

Best squat racks in 2023

JX Fitness Squat Rack

This squat rack from JX Fitness is constructed from steel with an anti-slip base designed to provide stability and protect the ground from scratches. The structure claims to be able to support a maximum load of 200kg.

The levers are height adjustable, with five levels moving between 10cm gaps. These increments allow the squat rack to double as a bench press, adding to the multifunctional design that also includes push-up handles, which are elevated to add extra depth.

The lack of a cage means this could be a good option for anyone short on space or worried about fitting a rack under a low ceiling.

Bulldog Gear Mounted Rig

This rig features a straight pull-up bar with two upright bars to hold a barbell. It can withstand up to 250kg with its wall-mounted design, perfect for traditional garage gyms.

This rack is compatible with several home gym attachments offered by Bulldog, which can be purchased separately. These include spotter arms, a dip attachment, a wall ball target and a landmine attachment for a wide range of functional exercises.

Inspire Fitness Squat Rack

This squat rack from Inspire includes multiple plate holders, allowing you to store your weights neatly. Instead of movable clips, it uses bar holders to allow for a variety of heights and exercises.

There are safety guards, which can provide some extra support when squatting, as well as a pull-up bar, allowing you to switch things up with some bodyweight training.

The maximum weight the rack can facilitate is a hefty 273kg, so if you’re looking to shift some heavy weight, you may have found what you’re looking for.

Again Faster Evolution Power Rack

Again Faster’s squat rack stands at six foot eleven inches, with a maximum capacity of 315kgs. There are safety bars to provide support when lifting heavy and a multi-grip pull-up bar to target muscles across your upper body.

There are two upright bars at the back of the rack that can be used for storing weight plates. The pull-up bar can also be mounted upside down to reduce the distance from the floor.

The height can be adjusted with fourteen different levels, with J-cups lined with plastic to protect your bar.

Winnow Power Cage

Winnow’s all-in-one power cage integrates several versatile training functions for building strength, including squats, bench presses and pull-ups. The steel frame is designed to provide support with 21 vertical height adjustments and a J-hook system.

The pull-up bar features a multi-grip position, allowing you to work a range of muscle groups across your upper body, while the barbell holders are fitted with a thick rubber layer to reduce noise and protect the barbell from damage.

If you’re looking to do some particularly heavy squats you may want to look elsewhere, as the maximum load for the barbell is 100kg.

Bulldog Gear MLSPR Snap Together Power Rack

If the above options look a little tricky to put together, this rack from Bulldog Gear aims to provide a solution. It uses interlocking components, designed to be quickly assembled and moved if needed, and is said to be able to withstand up to 250kg.

Each upright bar has numbered holes for the J hooks to be slotted into, from one to twenty-four, for a variety of heights. There is a straight pull-up bar, attached to two 2.2m tall uprights, which provide a base for the barbells.

Mirafit Adjustable Weight Bench & Squat

This bench and squat rack from Mirafit can work as a bench press or squat rack for working out at home, with adjustable spotter bars to catch the weight and provide assurance when lifting heavy.

The squat rack is fully adjustable, while its also possible to change width, rack height and spotter height. There are two storage poles fitted to the back to help store weights.

Mirafit also includes a bench, which can be adjusted through six backrest angles and four seat angles, which allows users to perform exercises in both incline and flat positions.

Jordan Ultimate Strength Half Rack

This premium squat rack aims to be fully multifunctional and is said to be able to facilitate pull ups, Olympic lifts, squats, and bench presses. There are 14 adjustment points, as well as a handy 12 storage bars, so you shouldn’t run out of storage room.


This rack is also compatible with a dip attachment, core plate, single loop assembly, safety spot arms and double storage bars, all of which can be purchased separately.