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4 quirky bits of the latest tri gear you might want, or you might not…. yet…

From a pair of shorts costing €800 to the smallest bike rack we have ever seen, we get a variety of stuff sent to 220 Towers - here's 4 of our wackiest

The mouthwatering €800 shorts. Credit: The Secret Studio

MBody Bike&Run shorts

Eight hundred Euros for a pair of shorts?! That’s a flight to Rio to watch the 2016 Olympic Games. Or 124 issues of 220. Or 615 tubs of peanut butter.

Yet the aim of the padded MBody Bike&Run shorts from Finnish brand Myontec is to measure your own muscular performance, keeping you injury-free so you don’t, well, long for someone else’s legs. So how does it work?

The compressive shorts are embedded with sensors that can pick up muscle activity in the hamstrings and quads, transmitting data on left/right leg balance, efficiency, muscular loading and more via Bluetooth to a sensor that rests on the pelvis.

Myontec admit that their overall goal is to bring this technology to everyday sports enthusiasts, so
we’ll be expecting a trickle-down effect to more affordable releases, leaving you with a penny or two
to buy that nutty goodness. For more information head to www.myontec.com.

The Clugg

It sounds like a character from The Bash Street Kids and looks like a napkin holder from one of those restaurants certain 220 members aren’t welcome in. You know the ones, where someone in a shirt comes to your table with a notepad and they serve foam infusion instead of ketchup. So who or what is CLUG?

This nifty little invention is actually the world’s smallest bike rack, and is strikingly different to some of the bike rack beasts we’ve received over the years. Armed with just a couple of screws and rawl plugs, you can simply ‘clug’ into your wall before you clamp your wheel into it, thus saving plenty of wall space and damage. There are three CLUG designs to buy ($20 at www.getclug.com), fitting standard road bike, hybrid and MTB tyres. Visit www.getclug.com for more information

“i have a blister on my toe bigger than this,” says 220 staff writer Jack Sexty


Forty-seven miles per hour! Hallelujah, after 20 years of trying, we finally beat our speed record this month (admittedly going down a very steep hill with a massive tailwind and on a bike far too good for us). And we want the world to see, given our family stopped listening long ago to our middling ‘athletic’ feats. Step forward the VeloCityLight, surely designed to display our numbers to the masses, right?

Sensibly, this LED rear-mounted device isn’t for quasi-riding bravado but for displaying your variations in speed to the car driver behind, so they (should) know when to slow and when to pass. Quite whether it’ll catch on remains to be seen, but it sure would’ve made the Ironman World Champs online feed more entertaining if one of these was attached to the seat of Seb Kienle’s Scott Plasma when he hit 67mph on the Queen K.

Visit www.velocitylight.com for more information

“Shines bright like my love of musical theatre,” says Matt Baird, 220 Feature Editor

Huel: the future of food?

Smashing that PB, sea swims in the Med, any films involving Steve Buscemi… life is full of many pleasures. And dinnertime is certainly one of them. So when a bag of Huel arrived to 220 Towers promising to replace all food consumption, a wave of fear was sent around the office.

Is this the end of roast dinners, the banishment of bhunas or the termination of tacos? Or actually a serious option for the time-crunched triathlete? Standing for ‘Human Fuel’ (and not the noise you make after drinking it), Huel is a blend of vegan protein (from rice and peas), oats, flaxseed, sunflower lecithin and more that’s been formulated by top nutritionist James Collier to include ‘everything your body needs’. And the taste? Like a very oaty vanilla milkshake. Tempted? A week’s supply will cost you £45 from huel.me.

For more information visit huel.com

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