Free swimrun training plan

Inspired to try swimrun? Make sure you are fully prepared for the sprint distance with this 12 week training plan from endurance sport coach Nicolas Remires.

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Swimrun is the new endurance sport that is sweeping the world. Participants are usually in teams of two and in each race there will be multiple transitions between the two disciplines as teams negotiate challenging, but beautiful terrain and open water.


Like triathlon there are different distances varying from super sprint (under 10km) to ultra, which is over 75km.

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Download a training plan for the sprint distance (12-15km) from endurance coach and experienced swimrun athlete Nicolas Remires below.

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About Nicolas Remires

© Catarina Remires Axelsson of Envol Photography

Nicolas Remires is a French multisport athlete and coach who lives in Stockholm. His achievements as an athlete include:

4th ÖtillÖ World Championships (2016)

1st Utö Swimrun (2015)

1st Borås Swimrun (2015)

2nd Ångalöppet (2014, 2015)

2nd Borås Swimrun (2014)

Many marathons, triathlons (sprint to Ironman), and cycling races

To find out more about Nicolas and his coaching visit his website or follow him on Facebook


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