3 recipes using Christmas leftovers

Christmas can be a culinary minefield for the triathlete, especially with all the inevitable parties that continue until the year rolls into the next


Turkey, vegetable and apple broth (serves 4) This recipe provides an easy-to-prepare, easy-on-the-stomach solution to Christmas meat leftovers, which is low fat and high in veg. Its been designed to use cooked meats and some cooked veg but, if you don’t have them to hand, just adjust the cooking times and make from raw.   Preparation time 10mins Cooking time 15mins (plus 1hr stock cooking time if making your own stock) Equipment A large saucepan or casserole dish   1.2 litres of turkey or chicken stock
(see separate recipe) 300-350g cooked turkey or your
roast meat, sliced 2 rashers of back bacon, sliced 2-3 boiled potatoes, cut into chunks 1 large red onion, sliced 10-12 sprouts, halved 4 stems of purple sprouting broccoli, cut into three 1 trimmed and washed leek, cut into small slices 1 apple, cut into chunks A sprig of thyme, optional Some crusty bread The stock 1 Take the carcass from your roast meal and cover it with twice the amount of cold water. 2 Add a bay leaf and simmer it for approximately 1hr. 3 Strain it and discard the bones, saving the broth for further use. Chill or freeze immediately if not using straight away. It’ll keep for four days in the fridge.   Broth 1 Bring the stock to a simmer and add any raw ingredients first, along with the thyme. 2 Simmer until the veg is cooked through. Now add the cooked meats and simmer for approximately 5mins until piping hot.   3 Only simmer the broth for as long as it takes to cook/heat the ingredients – overcooking will destroy many of the nutrients and dull the taste.   4 Finally, add the apple and serve with hot, crusty bread.