4 exercises to build lower body strength

Having good lower body strength will improve your athletic performance and help reduce your risk of injury. Nick Beer explains 4 exercises that will help you improve your lower body strength

Credit: The Secret Studio


For lower body strength exercises, you can use body weight with additional weights or a TRX Suspension System, but there are cheaper alternatives). Aim to descend to a depth just below parallel where the crease of the hip is lower than the knee. If you’re struggling, the TRX will achieve this with support from your arms. Example set 3 x 15-20 reps with 60secs recovery. Descend slowly with your weight distributed over your midfoot to heel. Pause at the bottom and ascend by pushing your heels into the ground and rise in one movement.


Handy tip…

Aim to do these sets three times a week with a day off in between. Sets should take 45mins including the warm-up and cool-down.


Mix up your lunge routine with body weight, additional weight and lunges on the TRX. The versatility of the TRX allows you to confidently perform a different combination of lunges. The speed of the movement is controlled by your arms, which encourages good technique and correct lunge patterns. Example set 4 x 15reps of backwards lunges, followed by a 4 x 10rep combination of backwards to side lunges.


It’s important when carrying out a Single Leg Squat with the TRX that you don’t fully rely on your hands to maintain balance. Trust your leg strength and gently increase the depth of the squat to where you feel comfortable. Maintain good form, push through your heel and ascend while keeping the opposing leg off the floor. Aim for
4 x 6 reps and progressively increase as you get stronger.



Squat jumps are a great explosive exercise that can be used as a culmination of the previous strength exercises. Squat jumps can be performed with body weight or using the TRX to add extra power. Focus on landing quietly and in a squat position as this requires good control. Example set 4 x 10 reps with 2mins rest.