Zone3 launches the £99 Advance model

Zone3 has announced a new addition to its popular wetsuit range, the Advance. Available for both men and women, the brand claim it’s the first performance wetsuit for under £100 on the market.
The wetsuit, with its affordable price-tag, is aimed at tri novices or those not wanting to spend too much, but still keen to get the most out of their swimming.
The Advance is based on the design of some of the other Zone3 wetsuits with subtle changes to the material and thickness of the suit.
The Advance wetsuit has a ‘core support system’ built in with the aim of creating added buoyancy on the torso and thighs to help maintain streamlined swimming and increase efficiency. The  suit thickness is 2mm around the shoulders and underarms, 3mm on the chest and upper back and 4mm on the torso. In addition, 70% of the wetsuit uses Zone3’s ‘SpeedFlo’ coating which minimises any drag through the water, increasing speed and improving durability. The remaining 30% is made from a fully rubberised smooth skin neoprene.
The Advance wetsuit is also available to hire via the Zone3 website. See for more details.