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World’s most expensive cycle accessories on display in Monaco

LikeBike Monte Carlo exhibition set to display a mindboggling range of premium bike gear

Event venue for LikeBike Monte Carlo

Easter weekend will see the first LikeBike Monte Carlo exhibition, featuring premium bike brands and accessories from around the world.

The event will feature the most luxurious (and most expensive) gear that the biking world has to offer and we’ve taken a look at what will be on show.

There will be many top-of-the-range cycles on display from manufacturers such as Dassi, Time and Cipollini. Attention will be drawn in particular to the Cipollini RB1000 Luxury Edition which features a front logo made up of gold, diamonds and platinum.

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Visitors will also be able to take a look at the latest in eBike technology and spectators of the night race will be able to test ride selected models.

Luxury accessories will also be on show such as the Hövding Airbag Cycling Helmet (above) which the creators say is ergonomically designed to protect more of the head compared to traditional bike helmets. Many years of development has gone into the creation of the helmet including crash tests and close work with experts on airbag technology and mathematics. Perhaps that’s why it costs £249, from www.hovding.com.

The X-BIONIC for Automobili Lamborghini Bike Jacket is another such example on the list and features distinctive openings in the outer layer that the creators claim will increase your speed and help you cool down..

It also houses an X-BIONIC converter port that is built to allow air flow along your back to manipulate wind resistance. As you might expect from the name, all of this technology doesn’t come cheap and will set you back £565 from www.x-bionic.co.uk.

Described as “a cut above the rest” by its makers, TIME’s handmade ErgoDrive 14 handlebar has a unique design and is made from carbon fibre woven around a reinforcing insert to resist the clamping force of the stem. Price: £255 from www.time-sport.com.

A close-circuit night race has also been organised to take place on 29th March and will incorporate parts of the Monaco Grand Prix racetrack. Amateurs, celebrities and pros are being invited to register while spectators will be welcome to embark on test rides.

The event is due to take place between the 3rd and 5th April. For more information on the event, to enter the night race or to buy tickets head to www.likebikemc.com.

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