Win! A £5k Trek Speed Concept 9.5

We've teamed up with Trek to give one very fortuitous reader the chance to ride away on a Trek Speed Concept 9.5 tri bike, worth a cool £5,000

The list of adjectives that could be used to describe the Speed Concept is lengthy. The same could be said for the number of technological firsts found on Trek’s flagship tri range. But all of these attributes can be summarised in just one word: fast.
In its short lifespan, the Speed Concept has amassed an impressive list of achievements. From time trials to Ironmans, this bike knows how to get cyclists and triathletes to the line and T2 quickly. Just ask the Trek K-Swiss team, whose members include the 2009 Ironman World Champ runner-up Chris Lieto, the triple Xterra champion, 2009 Ironman 70.3 Champion and third-place finisher at Kona 2010 Julie Dibens, and the reigning Ironman 70.3 Champion Michael Raelert.
So ever wondered what it’s like to race on an elite machine? Well wonder no more, as we’re giving one very fortuitous reader the chance to ride away on a Trek Speed Concept 9.5 tri bike, worth a cool £5,000.
When Trek set out to design a tri bike, it wasn’t simply to design one that was good. They wanted to create something that included the three elements of a tri bike that are easy to achieve individually, but are exceedingly hard to combine on a single platform: aerodynamics, integration and fit.
To achieve this goal, Trek undertook extensive research into airfoil designs that could be adapted for cycling use; an airfoil shape reaches its aerodynamic zenith when the right ratio of length to width is used.
Trek’s Kammtail Virtual Foil is derived from the 80-year-old work of aerodynamicist Wundibald Kamm, whose tube shape reduced the amount of drag significantly over traditional airfoil shapes, even in crosswind conditions. Unlike a conventional airfoil, the KVF tube shape retains its full aero benefit, even at yaw.
But Speed Concept isn’t just an aerodynamic frame. It’s an aerodynamic system. Every item than an athlete needs for a ride or a race can create additional drag and slow you down. By integrating every possible variable into the frame, from brake callipers to storage for supplements, the Speed Concept minimises the bike’s profile across every angle. Simply put, it’s the most aerodynamic bike ever, and not just in a headwind.
Aerodynamics and integration go a long way to making you faster, but if you aren’t comfortable then you won’t be riding at your best. A comfortable rider in an efficient position can put the most power to the pedals. And in triathlon, a more comfortable ride translates into a better run. Five frame sizes and six stem options mean that the Speed Concept has more than 14cm of height adjustment. Find your fit. Go fast.
Combine all of these with Trek’s outstanding reputation for carbon-fibre innovation and the end result is a tri bike that will change the way you race.
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