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Use music to enhance your training

Free downloadable application that searches your iTunes and analyses each file based on beats per minute


For those of us who enjoy setting our training to a spot of music, the lastest gizmo to hit the sports technology scene could be just the thing to add to our Christmas wishlists.

Powerade Pulse is a new downloadable desktop application for PC, and soon to be available on Mac, that searches through your iTunes and analyses each MP3 file based on the beats per minute (BPM) of each track. The user can then create their exercise playlist based on the duration and speed of their exercise, or manually set the BPM of the tracks that they want to train to. There are also five exercise profiles to help you shape your playlist. Once you’ve set how you’d like to train, Powerade Pulse will create you a playlist out of the tracks you already own. The application will then deliver that playlist direct to your iTunes, where you can transfer it to your MP3 player and go out training.

Anyone can download the application from Powerade’s website for free; no sign-up is required and it can be kept and used as many times as you like. The aim is that this will be an evolving process and, by commenting via the application’s feedback function, consumers can help to inform that update process.

The idea behind Powerade Pulse is that it will help motivate runners by making their training playlist tailored and personalised to them. The interactive features are also designed to help guide runners on things like speed, distance and pace, while the profiling tools give your run or workout some structure before you’ve even put your trainers on.

To download, head to http://www.poweradegb.com/motivation-zone/pulse/

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