TriStar33.3 Worms

TriStar33.3 will take place during the TriStar111 event in Worms on 29 May 2011

TriStar33.3 will take place during the TriStar111 event in Worms on 29 May 2011. 500 athletes from a non-sportive background are expected to participate in the fun-focused event. The short distance triathlon is open to participants from 14 years and can be accomplished as individual athlete or in relays teams.
Worms will host a TriStar33.3 race in addition to TriStar111 race. The fun-event TriStar33.3 will feature a 300m swim, followed by 30km of cycling and 3km of running. The new event format responds to the demand of many enthusiastic supporters of the TriStar race in the region who come from a non-sportive background and who still would like to get a taste of triathlon in a professionally organized setting.
“TriStar33.3 Worms will attract people who are normally not doing sports, as well as young sports enthusiasts, pupils and newbies to the sport of triathlon. Participants from 14 years and older will be enjoying the short distance race, which can even be accomplished in relays of 3 team mates,” says Lothar Leder, triathlon legend and organizer of TriStar in Germany.
TriStar33.3 will start right after the last TriStar111 participant has left the water. 33.3 participants will start from a pontoon in the Rhine harbour in Worms. After exiting the water they will head to the transition area to pick up their bike and go on the 30km bike course consisting of a 15km back-and-forth course on the original 111 race course. The 3km run will take the participants out of the transition area over the Nibelungen-bridge to the turning point, and back over the Rhine to the original Finishline.
“500 athletes are expected to participate in TriStar33.3 on 29 May 2011, and all of them will profit from the setup we use for TriStar111 as well as the unique atmosphere. The race features fabulous views of the Rhine, and same transition area and the original Finishline of TriStar111, and last but not least the 33.3 participants will be racing parts of the same competition that some of the greatest professional athletes of our sports will do,” says Olivier Castelli, director of global event operations.