TriStar111 Lisboa cancelled

The TriStar Series will not stop in Lisboa in 2010; the event has been cancelled

While TriStar Events grow all over Europe, one destination will finally not be on the TriStar map in 2010: TriStar111 Lisboa has been cancelled.


“Too many obstacles in finding agreements with the local organizer led to the decision that the TriStar111 Lisboa should not take place. The event has thus been cancelled. While the local organizers in Lisboa wish to take the step back to the initial format, Star Production concentrates on other destinations like TriStar222 Sardinia taking place in October.” says Georg Hochegger, CEO of Star Production SARL, the Monaco-based headquarters for the new TriStar Series.

The event was announced for 24 April 2010 and for the total distance of 111km. Although Star Production have been negotiating with the local event organizer for months, some aspects of the race organization could not be agreed on. “Maybe our important inputs to improve the race – an entirely new finishline area for example – will be put into practice for the Lisboa International Triathlon although it will not be run as part of the TriStar series. Of course this means a non TriStar event profits from our experience, and at the same time we are okay to look at it like development aid, if it makes a race better for athletes. Triathlon should be fun, whatever the brand.” says Olivier Castelli, Global Event Operation Director of Star Production.


Now that TriStar111 Lisboa is cancelled, athletes can either transfer their entry to another race or be refunded the entire entry fee. For transfers to other TriStar races, athletes can contact